Monday, December 5, 2016

BB Quilting Progress

My priority goal for this month is to get the coral Bento Box quilt finished for a Christmas gift. I was able to get it layered & pin basted Friday, and now the quilting has been started.

Since this quilt is so busy, I'm keeping the quilting very simple - and doable - with just diagonal straight lines, white thread. I'll add FMQ to the border in black thread later. You can see here that I added an additional black border around the border print; the print ended right at the edge of the fabric but this gives me more of a frame and brings the size up to 60 x 72".

I'm hoping to get all the quilting done this week. Maybe a finish could be possible? Maybe.

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

November Stash Report and Goals Update

I said last week I'd wait until the actual end of the month for my stash & goals report because I knew I could use those last few days to accomplish a little more, which I did. That means I can count out more stash. So, a few days late, here's the November update.

Stash Report: A lot in but even more out!

November IN: 15.5 yards (6-3/8 yards FQs; 2-1/2 yds wide backing; 3/8 yd binding for Crayon Challenge; 3/4 yard for Dancing Plus blocks; estimated 4 yards from Gwen's guild destashing event; 3/4 yd more for Dancing Plus blocks; 3/4 yd for binding for autumn forest quilt)
November OUT: 21 yards (3/8 yd binding for Crayon Challenge; 5 yds for backing for autumn forest quilt; estimated 9 yards for two Bento Box flimsies; 1-1/2 yds Forest Fellows prints given to STLMQG for ticket raffle; 2 yds mixed pieces given to Sandy in Bonnie Hunter colors; 5/8 yds binding for autumn forest quilt; estimated 2-1/2 yards for 21 more LCT blocks for QOV.)

YTD IN: 101-7/8 yards
YTD OUT: 127-1/4 yards
YTD Net Change: 25-3/8 yards OUT

WOW, I can't believe how much I've used this year. I'm definitely going to finish the year in the black. Unless I get really carried away at some end-of-the-year sales...

Many of those FQ's from the big sale early in the month ended up getting used in Dancing Plus blocks, a new project that's still in work.
FQ Stash Additions and Wide Backing

Goals Update:

1. Prep, organize, and pack for teaching Cut & Shuffle Quilts on Nov. 5. DONE; class went well. 
2. Bind Crayon Challenge table runner, due Nov. 12. DONE
3. Prep Piecing Group kits to hand out Dec 6. DONE, ready to hand out.
4. If returned from the long-armer, bind Christmas quilt for the senior H family. DONE, bound and labeled. 
5. Add labels to all the Christmas quilts. DONE
6. Make progress on one UFO: Roman Road, Bento Box, or LCT QOV. DONE: assembled two tops from Bento Box blocks.
7. Keep up with bee blocks & send out QOV blocks. DONE; 31 blocks went to Dar for QOV of Eastern Missouri: 10 from Sew Bee It and 21 more from me. 

Other: Made 143 new Dancing Plus blocks

Crayon Challenge Table Runner

Autumn Forest Quilt

Coral Bento Box Flimsy

More LCT blocks for QOV of Eastern Missouri

More than 100 Dancing Plus blocks in work

December Goals:
1. Layer & baste, quilt, bind and label the coral Bento Box quilt for a Christmas gift
2. Assemble the Dancing Plus top
3. Make progress on one WIP: Roman Road or LCT QOV
4. Inventory UFOs for 2017
5. Keep up with bee blocks

November was an incredibly productive month! Let's hope I can get the stuff on my December list done. I still have all the Christmas prep, shopping, decorating, etc. to do as well, so we'll see how much sewing I can get done.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Autumn Forest Quilt, Finished

...and ready to be given to the H family grandparents for Christmas:

This quilt measures 68" x 80" and was long-arm machine quilted by Dar of Dar's Patchwork Garden, using a panto called Falling Leaves. I'm pleased with how it turned out, especially the graphic effect created by the light and dark values. This quilt is all labeled and ready to go.

The blocks in this quilt were the Alternate block in the 2014-15 "Fox in the Forest" BOM series at a LQS. The Main blocks and the Alternate blocks together would have made a king size quilt, which I didn't need, so I made two quilts out of the two sets of blocks.

Here's the other quilt made from the Main blocks in the same BOM series, which I've shown previously. This one will also be a Christmas gift, for the H family parents who host all of our big get-togethers. It's going to be a very quilty Christmas around here.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Do you label your quilts? I do. But it's not my favorite part of the process. I print my labels using the special treated fabric sheets that can go through my printer. The material is stiff, much too difficult for my sore hands to hand stitch through. So labeling the quilts I'm giving for Christmas is something I've been procrastinating about.

But I persevered and I got them all done!

Binding the label with one ply of quilting cotton creates a softer edge to hand-stitch through. Much easier on my hands! Setting the label into the binding, in the corner, results in a smaller amount of hand stitching needed, too. I just have to remember to have the label already prepped, and to insert it when I'm doing the binding.

My labels always include the name of the quilt, the year finished, my name, and my city & state. Custom long arm quilted quilts, where the quilting is designed by the quilter, get the name of the quilter also. *

How do you label your quilts and what info do you include?

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* All of my quilts are documented in page protectors in binders. Those that are long-armed with a panto have the quilter's name, panto name, and usually the work order or receipt in the sleeve for that quilt.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Autumn Palettes: A Finish and a Start

I've mentioned before that I'm giving quilts to family members this Christmas, mostly for the purpose of clearing excess quilts out of my house. I make them because I enjoy making them, but then what to do with them? They've been piling up. So this year 5 quilts are going to various relatives; all are approximately sofa-size.

This one is going to the senior H. family, an active couple in their eighties. It just came back from the quilter and I got it bound and labeled yesterday. Sorry for the lousy photo, it's raining here today so the best I could do was put it on the guest bed and shoot it with a flash. Hopefully I can get better photos later in the week.

The blocks were the alternate BOM from a LQS a couple years ago. They were supposed to be combined with the main BOM to create a king size quilt, but I don't need a king size quilt so I chose to use the blocks in two separate quilts.

I cleared off the design wall last week, and since then I put all the Dancing Plus blocks I've been making up there. They're not arranged yet; I'll need to move some around for better balance, but here's the basic layout. There are 143 blocks and they go all the way down to the floor but you can only see the top 2/3 here. (Again, sorry for the poor flash photo.)

This palette was inspired by an older charm pack that features amber, russet, dusty teal, olive, and black. In addition to the charm pack, I found lots of harmonious fabrics in my stash, and I collected a few more prints last week. There are at least 57 dark and 52 light fabrics, probably more because I may have forgotten to count a few as I was cutting. Even though I want to play with this project, these blocks will have to wait while I get Christmas gifts finished up.

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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Stash Report 11/27/16

Although this is the last stash report Sunday of November, I have high hopes of using a bit more and accomplishing more of my goals for this month, so I'll wait 'til next week to recap November. There has been quite a bit of stash movement this week, though.

IN: 1-1/2 yards (mostly 1/8 yard cuts) for Dancing Plus blocks and 3/4 yard for binding for the autumn forest quilt. The forest quilt came back from the quilter and I hope to get it bound tomorrow. Photos to come later this week when it's finished.

OUT: I'm estimating 9 yards total for both Bento Box tops. I didn't log everything I cut - that was a lot of cutting and there are dozens of different fabrics used - so I just drew up a quick & dirty mock up in EQ7 for the estimate, then added the two yards of border print that I used.

Not counted yet: I've made 143 Dancing Plus blocks for a future project. Again, a lot of cutting! Here are over 100 of them, not trimmed down yet. They'll finish at 6" but they start at 7-1/2". 

Since I took the photo above, I've finished the rest of the blocks I need and trimmed them so the plusses tilt to the left or the right. I've slapped them up on my design wall, but they're not arranged yet. I have Christmas stuff to finish, so as much as I want to play with the Dancing Plus project, I'll have to focus on priorities and deadlines first. Let's see how much of my November to-do list I can get finished by the end of the month.

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Friday, November 25, 2016

BB Finish x 2

OK, I know I changed direction and put the BB variation tops on hold in order to work on a Christmas gift need that came up.

But, duh, what was I thinking?!!!  I can give them the larger BB quilt for Christmas. So the new Dancing Plus blocks are now on hold, and the larger BB quilt is back on the priority list. I feel like I'm ricocheting from project to project.

I got the borders added and the flimsy finishes at 56 x 68", featuring the blocks with more coral/less green in them. If I have enough solid black in my stash, I may add a narrow border all around, but it's not critical and I'm not going to buy any fabric for it if I don't have enough.

Bonus - there was enough of the border print stripe for the smaller version too, which finishes at 44 x 56" and features the blocks with more green in them. I was able to match the print repeat so you can't even tell where I pieced one of the sides together.

The border print goes perfectly with both versions, and I'm glad I had enough for both.

So, not one but two flimsie's finished this week! Linking up with Whoop Whoop Friday at Confessions of a Fabric Addict and Friday Finish at Crazy Mom Quilts.