Monday, January 13, 2014

DWM 1/13/14 and Maddie

Still playing with broken chevron blocks while waiting for fabric for one of the book quilts to arrive. Not satisfied with the layout yet. I made a few more parts to extend some of the motifs into the border, but I don't like this arrangement. Two of the corners look empty. I'm out of the fabric used at the upper right.
This is the fabric I would need to make another motif for the upper left, and I haven't been able to find anymore on line. The fabric is from the Bella collection by Amanda Murphy for Blank Fabrics. I originally bought it at Hancock's of Paducah but they don't have it on their website.
Bella by Amanda Murphy for Blank Textiles
I think I'll move parts around some more and/or be content with partial motifs.
In other news, my niece sent me pics she took of Maddie at Christmas, holding her doll and wearing the outfits I made for them. The outfits fit perfectly! My niece says Maddie loves her dress and wears it all the time.  That's so gratifying! It was fun to make. (Posted with permission from Maddie's mom.)
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  1. Maddie's dress with short jacket is so cute! Especially since I know the trouble you had with the first go round. Looks like she loves the matching outfit for her American Doll :)

  2. Maddie's friends and teachers LOVED her outfit! She was so excited to show them what her Aunt Jan made her! Thank you Jan for making such an adorable outfit that means so much to Maddie!!!

  3. That is such a darling duo. You did a great job on the two dresses.