Sunday, January 19, 2014

Stash Report 1/19/2014 and Fabric Frustrations

More fabric in this week...  I'm still collecting the materials I need for the book quilts.

Fabrics I had ordered came in this week: Kona cotton in Azure (aqua) and Snow for "Labyrinth;" and selections from the Symphony of Blues collection from Connecting Threads for "Singing the Blues." 

Also, a local shop had FQs at $1 each so I brought home 10 of them, just for stash enhancement.  Yeah, like my stash needs enhancement, ha ha.

I did get to count a bit out this week: The backing for "Zen Garden," which went to the longarmer, and the potholders.

IN: 17.5 yards this week
OUT: 2.5 yards wide backing and .75 yards for potholders.

I'll total up the ins and outs at the end of the month.

Some fabric frustrations occurred this week; grrrrr.

First, the cuts I ordered from the Symphony of Blues collection have less contrast than I was anticipating, not enough contrast to work in my design.  On the Connecting Threads website they appeared different enough and in EQ they worked fine, but in the actual fabric, the darker one is a lot lighter than expected, and the medium one is much darker than expected. So I had to order something lighter for the medium. I hope it works when it arrives.
Symphony of Blues, actual yardage in
French Blue & Patriot Blue

Second, I'm glad I prewashed the Kona cotton, but it was almost a disaster. Their color Azure is a light aqua. It never crossed my mind that such a light color would bleed badly. I tossed both the aqua and the white into the washer together, since they'll be used in the same quilt anyway. Aaaack!!! The aqua bled badly and the white turned green. Yuck! Panic! So I set aside the wet aqua yardage and rewashed the white with detergent, and it came out white enough. Then I rewashed the Aqua with Retayne and put it through about four rinse cycles.  At this point it has to be good enough, I need to stay on schedule with the book quilts, so I've already cut into it.

Kona Snow and Azure after washing

Here's hoping I can get the top for "Labyrinth" sewn this week, and maybe, if the replacement print is a better shade, I can start on "Singing the Blues."

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  1. Good call on pre-washing the Kona aqua. I have never had Kona solids bleed before - good to know. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, I wouldn't have expected the Kona to bleed, either! Interesting. Those two blues are very close, so that's two surprises for the week. Hope the coming week is full of only happy ones!