Sunday, March 2, 2014

3/2/14: Feb. Stash Report and March Goals

February Stash Report:

Yardage IN: 23.75 yards
Luminosity backing, 4.875; CSQ Fabric swap, 0.625; Westminster, 12.0; add'l Kaffe from QF, 1.0; Heat Wave sashing prints & more black, 4.75; chartreuse for stash, 0.5

Yardage OUT: 38.125
Binding, Labyrinth, 0.625; Fabric Swap, 26.75; Singing the Blues top & backing, 7.625; Blue/yellow baby quilt top & backing, 3.125

Month Change: 14.375 OUT - YAY!  A good month for destashing.
YTD Net Change: 3.125 IN

I did well at the fabric swap - I destashed a lot and only brought home 5/8 yard!  Overall, stash is still ahead, but not my much, and several finishes will happen in March.


February Progress:
1. Complete Singing the Blues top and pattern for book. Start Luminosity top. Singing the Blues  - DONE.  Luminosity started; design revised and name changed to Heat Wave.

2. Complete pattern for Big Print Beauty and have 20 printed by Feb. 10.  DONE.

3. Complete preparations for March workshop.  WORKSHOP CANCELLED.

4. Keep up with bee blocks. DONE.

5. Continue progress on any projects that can be posted on the blog, including UFOs and/or tutorials for previously completed projects. Blue/Yellow Baby Quilt top created & posted on blog.

6. Get author photo for book done, releases signed, etc. and write "about the author" blurb. Photo appointment booked for March 4. Blurb drafted, needs editing.

March Goals:
1. Complete Heat Wave top (formerly called Luminosity); send top & backing to long-armer.
2. Write Heat Wave pattern for book.
3. Complete binding, label, & sleeve for Zen Garden.
4. Complete binding, label, & sleeve for Singing the Blues.
5. Complete binding, label, & sleeve for Heat Wave.
6. Complete all other photo samples of block parts, etc. for book.
7. Keep up with bee blocks.

About Luminosity/Heat Wave:  The publishers at AQS specifically asked me to use Kaffe Fasset prints in one of my book quilts. The original design concept had a lot of black as well as the bright Kaffe prints, to create a luminous effect as if the bright colors were glowing from behind a black screen.  But the overall effect was turning out too heavy and dark, with too much of the black, and was not using the Kaffe prints to their best advantage. So back to EQ, and a revised design using less black was born. Much better. The new design is now called Heat Wave.  The redesign, additional fabric acquisition, and additional cutting and sewing have set me back a few days, so I'm playing catch-up. I still have a lot to get done!

March is going to be a busy month and most of it is book related, so I'm afraid blogging may be a bit sparse.  Zen Garden came back from the long-armer; come back tomorrow for a sneak peek.

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times; check out all the other stash reports there.


  1. You certainly are one busy quilter. Hope you are able to get everything accomplished on time.

  2. I love your organizational skills. I know it takes time but, in the long run, probably actually saves time. I might try this. Sorry your workshop was cancelled. Love your blog!