Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Finish: A Very Blustery Day

I finished Broken Chevron this week and yesterday I wanted to take some photos of it, but it was very windy here. I'll get some good photos later, but meanwhile here are some snapshots taken at a local park.
Broken Chevron with Spiral Quilting
(colors look too yellow here)
A Sudden Gust of Wind
(True colors here)
Hanging photos weren't working well, so I spread it on the ground, climbed up on the playground equipment, and tried to get a shot of it. 
Broken Chevron, 48" x 60"
This is the first time I've tried spiral quilting. It turned out way better than I anticipated and it wasn't that difficult, just a lot of wrangling bulk through the throat of my machine. I would definitely do spiral quilting again, but this is about the maximum size I can manage.

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  1. Quilting is lovely but, Girl, it makes me dizzy just thinking about how you did it!

  2. What an amazing finish. I love how you started the spiral off to the side.

  3. Love your design and colors! The quilting really completes the quilt. Just beautiful. Is this your own design or a pattern?

  4. You did a bang-up job! Love Love Love EVERYTHING about this quilt.

  5. This turned out so wonderful! Congratulations!

  6. Love it! The quilt and the quilting are gorgeous!