Sunday, November 2, 2014

October Stash Report and Goals Update

Stash Report: With all the finishes I was able to accomplish in October, it turned out to be a pretty good month.

October IN: 10.5 yards
October OUT: 13.25 yards
October Net Change: 2.75 yards out

YTD IN: 149.25
YTD OUT: 132.0
YTD Net Change: 17.25 yards added

I'm hoping November will be a break even month. I have a couple of projects ready for quilting so when they're done I'll be able to count the backings and bindings out. But I've ordered some background yardage for a couple of new projects and I will need to order a couple of charm packs, so I'll have fabric to count in in November to offset the finishes. It's not looking like I'll be able to break even for the year.

I've been pulling fabrics from stash for my Plus Dash quilt. Here's what I've pulled so far; not sure I'm done editing yet. I need 20 prints (or 10 if I use each one twice) plus the black & white.)
Plus Dash Fabric Pull
Plus Dash

October update:
1. Work on Broken Chevron UFO.   Progress made:  Flimsy is finished,  backing is pieced, & binding is prepped.
2. Work on project for publication. Recut background and remade a few blocks. More un-sewing needed.
3. Work on secret baby quilt #1.  Completely finished one secret quilt and finished another to the flimsy/backing/binding prepped stage.
4. Write tutorial for Plus Dash. Written and posted on 10/13; two testers have completed baby-size tops and provided feedback.
5. Keep up with bee blocks.  DONE.

November Goals:
1. Finish secret baby quilt #2.
2. Start secret baby quilt #3.
3. Quilt & bind Broken Chevron.  
4. Write pattern for Broken Chevron.
5. Work on project for publication.
6. Start Plus Dash top.
7. Make Fidget Quilt for dad.
8. Keep up with bee blocks.

That looks like a lot to accomplish! I guess I'm going to have to be pretty focused to get all that done.

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times; check out everyone's stash reports over there.


  1. That does look like a lot to do. Hopefully you can get as much done this month as last month.

  2. I like your Plus Dash quilt, and the fabrics you've chosen. You have an ambitious goal list for November! Hope you do well.

  3. I am so impressed with the total yardage you have purchased and used this year. I might have to start tracking this kind of thing myself, as I am so keen on statistics. :)