Monday, July 6, 2015

Collection Challenge: Backing dilemma

Remember the Collection Challenge I was working on back in April? You can read more about it via the link. The top has been finished for awhile, and one of my goals this month is to quilt it. Here it is today, back on my design wall so I could measure it:

This is the inspiration fabric and the collection fabrics my swap partner chose for me:

My dilemma is what to do about the backing. I love this print with this top; this print is Bailey by Maude Asbury for Blend Fabrics.

First issue: I don't have enough. I have about 2/3 what I need so I'll have to piece something into the backing to make it large enough. Where I seam the big print, it won't match up. Those tiles in the print measure about 4" in diameter and the repeat is huge. The only thing I have in my stash that could work is a mottled yellow-gold blender. It's OK and I have enough, but I don't love it. But I don't know what else I would use, unless I could find more of the original inspiration fabric.

Second issue: The white in the backing print is whiter than the ivory shades in the top. You can see them together in the top photo. I'm debating whether I should overdye the backing fabric to make the white look more ecru. What do you think? I guess it depends on what else I use with the big print for the backing. If I get more of the inspiration print, I'll definitely have to overdye the backing print.

Does anyone know the name & maker of that inspiration print? I only had a fat quarter of it to start with, and it didn't have any info on the selvage.

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  1. I really like the print you chose for the back; I found at least one site online that sells it if you want more (

  2. When I have a big print that would be difficult to match. I piece a stripe between it. Then you don't have to match it and it still looks cute.

  3. You might consider using the John Flynn diagonal method with the piece you have (on his website -- there's also an online calculator somewhere). Yes, the print won't line up, but it might not be too objectionable. That's a super piece that needs to be used with minimal cutting. The white background wouldn't bother me since it would be on the back.

  4. I really like the print you have chosen for the back (and the white background wouldn't bother me either). The front of this is looking great.