Monday, January 18, 2016

Construction Zone

Not much sewing going on in my sewing room...  Here's why:
Everything that can be moved out of the sewing room has been moved out and the room is lined with plastic sheeting floor to ceiling. Here's all the stuff temporarily parked in the den.
Why? So DH can make this fit my new sewing machine:
This is my sewing table, which was originally built for my Bernina 1090. See the plastic piece over the opening? That's the new insert for my new Bernini 770QE. The opening needs to be cut larger. Also a larger shelf for the machine to sit on needs to be installed; the old smaller one has already been removed here.
DH is doing the work. He already built a new shelf which is ready to be installed after the hole is cut. The sewing table is much too big and heavy for us to move, so he'll have to do the cutting in the sewing room. The job will generate a lot of sawdust, so I lined the entire room with plastic sheeting. I don't want sawdust in my fabric or clinging to my design wall.
The sewing table is made of laminate (particle board), which is notorious for chipping when cut. He's a perfectionist and he's been sweating bullets over this.  He'll use a router to make the cut.
He started working Saturday morning and finished up yesterday afternoon. This is the result, a perfect fit, and no chips in the laminate:
Now I have a ginormous job ahead of me, cleaning up the mess and moving my stuff back into the sewing room. I plan to do a bit of sorting, reorganizing, and purging while I'm at it. But the main thing is to get the sawdust mess cleaned up and make the room usable again.
This project was a huge undertaking for DH. He says the sewing machine was my Christmas present. I think his work here to retrofit my sewing table is just as much of a gift. I'm so fortunate to have a handy hubby who's willing to do all this work for me!
Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times; since my design wall's out of commission for the time being you'll have to check out everyone else's for quilty inspiration.



  1. What a beautiful finish; your husband did a spectacular job! I hope the task of cleaning up does not take too long or become too tedious, and I hope you really enjoy your new sewing machine setup.

  2. Wow how fun!! Beautiful! I so hope someday I can do that!!

  3. That's a lot of prep work for just a few cuts! He did a fantastic job! Hope you get to enjoy your new machine soon!!

  4. What a big job but so worth it! And what a talented hubby. Love all your quilting, btw.

  5. Indeed it is a gift and what a great job he did!!!

  6. What a great gift. Not that it's fun to move out and in, but it is a good chance to sort through stuff. Hope your back to stitching soon.

  7. That is a beautiful fit. So nice that he was able to fix it for the new machine.