Monday, January 11, 2016

A Delay, Therefore a Change of Plans

When we got my new sewing machine, DH & I knew that the sewing table would have to be modified to accommodate it. The opening in the table is smaller than the new machine. DH will have to cut a new opening and build a larger shelf for the machine to sit down into. This means we need a new Dream World insert, the acrylic piece that fits around the machine flush with the tabletop.

Here's the temporary set up with the machine sitting on top of the tabletop. It's sitting on the solid part of the table toward the left, not the part where the old opening is, due to its weight. I wouldn't want something to give way and the new machine to crash into the hole! The insert that came with the table is filling the opening now, but it rests on only four tiny supports.
Temporary sewing set-up until the table can be retrofitted
to accommodate the larger machine
See that blue tape under the machine? That's how much longer the new hole will need to be cut.

The insert was ordered and arrived in December. However, we ordered it with a lip so it would fit over the new opening, and it came without a lip. I talked to the company and they're supposed to be sending a correct one with a lip. We don't have an ETA for the new insert yet.

Meanwhile the retrofitting process is on hold because DH doesn't want to cut the new opening until we have the insert, because the exact size of the insert will determine the exact size to cut the opening. He has the new shelf made, and will install it after the opening is cut.

When I made my January goals, I had planned to quilt Antler Dance as my next project. However, it's big and heavy. I've decided to wait until the sewing table is fixed and the machine can sit down flush into it and the table can support the weight of the quilt as I quilt it.

So I guess I need a piecing project instead of a quilting project. Yesterday I started this:
Block on sashing fabric, all from stash

This is one sample block using a couple of the fabrics I showed in my stash report plus a couple more from stash. The block is just sitting on top of yardage of the stripe; I'll use the stripe for sashing. The pattern will be similar to the practice quilt I made recently, but will be a little larger, 16 blocks, and is destined for donation.

Since I can't work on quilting for awhile, I guess I'll work on getting this pieced this week and then figure out a backing for it. Hopefully the insert for the table will arrive soon, DH can finish retrofitting the table, and I'll be able to quilt.

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  1. I think it is smart to wait for the table modification before quilting a large quilt. Letting the table do some of the heavy lifting for you is quite smart.

  2. Like your block and the colors/fabric. Hoping your husband makes the adjustment soon.

  3. Love the deep browns in your new project. Hope you get your sewing table piece soon. It's so aggravating to not get what you order.