Sunday, January 10, 2016

Stash Report 1/10/16: Some In, Some Out, Some 2015 Accounting

I succumbed to the FQ dollar sale at a local shop this week, 12 FQs for 3 yards in. But I also finished the Dancing Plus flimsy, estimated (based on EQ7 & my cutting notes) at 5 yards background and 2-3/4 yards colors for 7-3/4 yards out. You can see the Dancing Plus flimsy in the post below.

IN: 3 yards
OUT: 7-3/4 yards
I'll tally up the totals for the month/YTD at the end of the month.

So what did I score at the FQ sale? Some great stash enhancers:
I picked up two of this black & tan print - I knew it would work well with other prints in my stash, particularly this number print I got in December for a donation quilt.

More greens - you know I have a thing for greens. I used greens in Broken Chevron and in a potential publication project I haven't shown on the blog. You'd think I'd be over greens by now, but I still love them. At some point I still want to make a Four Corners Cut and Shuffle Quilt using greens.

Periwinkle, navy, magenta: so pretty, and I have very little of these colors in my stash. It's nice to branch out for some variety.

Some basic stash builders. I have very little in patriotic colors so these will be handy for QOV blocks whenever someone is having a QOV block drive. Plus, they're versatile enough stash basics that they're not limited to just patriotic projects.

I think I did all right for my $12.94 spent!

Speaking of spending, here's the 2015 fabric recap:
  • $1031.87 spent on fabric (includes tax and shipping; does not include batting or notions)
  • 160-1/4 yards acquired in 2015 from all sources (includes purchases, free table, etc.)
  • Average cost per yard $6.44
  • Pretty good considering regular price for quilting cottons is approaching $12 per yard on average now.

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  1. I've never thought of myself as a green loving kind of gal, but I have a ton of greens/teals/aqua in my stash and I love those three pieces you added. $12.94? I'd say you did a fantastic job!

  2. Brave girl, I would be terrified to add up what I spent on fabric I think it might give me heart palpations. But I am committed to tracking what I buy vs what I use in yards this year.

  3. Love the break down of your 2015 quilting adventures!! You are the right track so far this year with the FQ stash builders! I love your broken chevron quilt!

  4. Beautiful and well thought-out enhancements to your stash.

  5. The black and tan print you picked up does work perfectly with the number print you already had; great eye! I think your final accounting of average yardage cost for last year is amazing.

  6. You definitely need all those fabrics. Good work!

  7. You got some good FQ from the sale this week. You also did very well with your overall purchases for the year.

  8. Great bargains! I love that blue print at the bottom!

  9. You did well on your stash additions, a good variety to both complement and extend the stash. I'm not sure I'd willingly add up how much I'd spent on fabric a few years ago. I don't think I could stand the shock. You did well and got some really good deals to reach that average cost.