Sunday, January 3, 2016

First Stash Report of 2016: It's all Her Fault

I was going to be good, really. I was going to get through at least the first stash report of the month with out any incoming fabric. Then my friend Karen and I found this on the sale table at the First Saturday BOM Meeting at our LQS yesterday:
There wasn't much on the bolt and it was 50% off if you cleared the bolt. You know I'm a sucker for colors with black. I picked up the bolt and put it back. No, I'm going to be good. No new fabric for me.

Karen had been eyeing it earlier. Then we thought to split the yardage on the bolt. We each came away with 3/4 yard. See? It's her fault. She's the enabler.

Of course, she's saying exactly the same about me. I guess should own up to my own weakness for fabric after all.

So, first stash report of the year:
  IN: 3/4 yard
  OUT: none.

But I did find some friends in my stash for the new fabric. They're taunting me to start something new.
Wait - I really need to exercise a little more self discipline. Maybe I'll hold off on starting something new until I get a few of the items on my list done. Do you think I can?

Linking up with Judy at Patchwork Times. Check out everyone else's much better stash management efforts for the new year over there.

Also linking up with Molli Sparkles. I'm not the only one who's a sucker for pretty fabric!


  1. Go for it! (See, I can be an enabler, too.)

  2. Whether you wait or not, those fabrics work really well together. My guess is that 3/4 yard isn't going to linger in your stash. :)

  3. I don't have a "finish the old one first" gene in my body, so I'd be an enabler--follow the energy. Visiting from Molli's. claire aka

  4. Who can't resist a clean off the bolt sale! Totally justifiable when you have fabrics that play well in your stash already!

  5. I really like that print too - and it goes so well with what you already have! It was a meant to be purchase ;)

  6. It is a very pretty print, I'm a sucker for black fabrics too. Hopefully your fabric diet will go more smoothly for at least a few weeks.