Monday, August 8, 2016

Heart Builders Top #2

Last week I mentioned I'm piecing a top for Heart Builders and due to a screw up on my part, it would come out much larger than the allowed maximum measurements. You can see the story here.

I used almost every inch of the cute honeycomb print they sent me. I had 16 blocks plus sashing, which made the top come out to 63 x 63".  The maximum allowed size is 54 x 60". My solution was to make two tops, each a nine-block layout with sashing, measuring 48 x 48".

I finished one top, and had seven blocks left over. Not enough for the second top, but maybe I could find another print in my stash that would harmonize, and use it for the rest of the blocks. I found a print that works, the parasol print. It's a bit more sophisticated, but colorwise it works, and when all the blocks are together the sophistication doesn't matter.

I decided to use six of the original blocks and make three more using the new print, to make the layout more cohesive. The layout is basically the same as the original top, except for the new print blocks on the diagonal. (You can see the back of the original top, pinned out of the way on my design wall.)

Here's a closer look at the blocks together:

This week I need to get the second top sewn together so I can get them both mailed back to Heart Builders.

If you're not familiar with Heart Builders, it's sponsored by Stash Builder Box, and it's quilters who piece tops, or long-arm quilt, or bind and finish quilts for kids. The quilts are donated to My Stuff Bags which are given to kids in foster care. Each bag contains a blanket and personal items that are theirs to keep forever.

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  1. I think you pulled a perfect coordinating print and Well done on making it work and getting 2 quilt tops made! I am sure they will go to good use and homes.

  2. The fabric substitution works really well. Looks like you'll have a couple of finishes very soon.

  3. Cute pattern! And for such a good cause, thanks for sharing!

  4. Yep, you nailed the extra fabric! And, I'm sure Heart Builders will be pleased to have 2 quilts instead of just one. Where can I find more info about Heart builders? I've often thought about the kids who turn 18 and are released from foster care. at least they are in Virginia. I can't imagine all of the kids are able to go out on their own at that age and take care of themselves. Off topic, sorry. Your quilts are great.