Tuesday, August 30, 2016

LCTs for QOV

Welcome, and if you're visiting from Alycia's blog, I'm glad you're  here!

Earlier this summer I made a block I called Log Cabin Triangles. It turned out to be fun and versatile. And it's kind of addictive to make! It would look great made up in patriotic colors so I offered it to Alycia for a block drive, she accepted, and here we are. Other regional QOV groups are welcome to use these blocks, too. 

We'll start with the tutorial for the block, which actually makes two blocks at a time. Then I'll give you the layout I gave to Alycia and show you some versions my St. Louis QOV friends made. I'll finish up by showing you the top I made; I couldn't resist making a few more blocks.

I hope this generates lots of blocks for Alycia's block drive! 

Log Cabin Triangles for Quilts of Valor
tutorial copyright 2016 by Jan Ochterbeck

Skill Level: Easy. A beginner with just a little experience with 1/4" seams and half square triangles was able to successfully make these blocks. 

Block finishes at 9" (9-1/2" unfinished). Materials and instructions are to make two blocks. All seams 1/4". Make blocks as scrappy as possible.

Materials and Cutting:
1 (one) 7" square of colored fabric
1 (one) 7" square of low volume/pale neutral background fabric

Assorted scrappy low volume/pale neutral background fabrics or scraps, cut into 2" wide strips. Cut strip lengths:          
        - 2 (two) at 2" x 6-1/2" long
        - 4 (four) at 2" x 8" long
        - 2 (two) at 2" x 9-1/2" long
Cut parts to make two LCT blocks

              1)      Make half square triangles (HSTs):
a.       Mark the pale square on the diagonal on the wrong side.
b.      Place colored and pale squares right sides together and stitch a scant 1/4" on each side of the marked line.
c.       Cut on the marked line.
d.      Open and press seam allowance toward the dark fabric.
e.       Square up and trim to 6-1/2". 

Making the HST

      2)      Add logs; chain piecing works well. Finger press each round outward before adding the next log.
a.       With the HST colored portion in the upper left, place a 6-1/2" strip along the right side and stitch, using a 1/4" seam.
b.      Rotate the unit so the colored portion is in the lower left. Place an 8" strip along the right side and stitch.
c.       Go back to the first side and add another 8" strip.
d.      Rotate to the second side and add a 9-1/2" strip.
e.       Press the block. 
Adding the logs

      You now have two completed blocks. 
Two finished blocks

Here is a basic layout, 6 blocks wide by 8 blocks long (54" by 72") which will allow room for borders if desired. If you add 3" wide borders all around, it would finish at 60" by 78".
Suggested layout

My friend Gwen heads up a small group of quilters who work at Scottrade St. Louis who make Quilts of Valor with the approval and sponsorship of Scottrade. I joined them for a sew day recently to test out the block pattern, and it turned out great. They were so enthused they got together again the very next week to make enough more blocks to finish their top. 
Gwen's group's blocks

Another friend, Dar, who blogs at Dar's Patchwork Garden, is very active with the Eastern Missouri Quilts of Valor group, and I gave her the pattern, too. She's sharing the tutorial with her group, and the blocks they make or get will be used for QOVs for Missouri and regional veterans. Dar made a test quilt with borders: 
Dar's top

As I mentioned, these blocks can be addictive, and I got a little carried away. I made a top with extra blocks, no borders, in the modern style. I added one more column to the right and one more row to the bottom, so my top finishes at 63" by 81".
My top

      So I hope you'll make some LCT blocks for QOV. Details about Alycia's block drive can be found on her blog hereI hope this tutorial helps generate blocks for Alycia's block drive and for any other QOV groups who'd like to use these blocks. 

(St. Louis area block makers, please leave a comment requesting the local address to send them to, and include your email address.)


  1. Jan, thanks again for helping me jumpstart our own block drive here in the St.Louis/St. Charles area. We are going to shoot for lots of new tops for our veterans. Dar in MO

  2. I love your design. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It's so nice of you to share your design! I love that it can be a very scrappy project, too. Thank you!

  4. So cool, I've never seen a log cabin block like this one before! Thanks for sharing it! :)

  5. This is brilliant Jan and the quilt top is wonderful! The perfect block for the QOV block drive! Do you allow pinning to Pinterest fro your blog?

  6. very fun...love the quilt design. micki@2dogsstudio.us

  7. A very fun and easy block that makes up to a very striking quilt.

  8. Thanks for sharing this wonderful block! I will be sending some blocks in soon. I am in charge of Veteran's quilts for my group here in Maine. Could I share this post with my group? I am always looking for relatively easy designs so that beginners can add to our pile too!

  9. I really like this block you designed! I will be making a few blocks for both the QOV groups Kevin The Quilter & you write about. Then I will make this quilt for one of my loved ones as well. It is so straight forward and doable. Thank you for sharing with everyone!

  10. Fantastic block! Thank you for the great tutorial!