Friday, September 9, 2016

Finished Forest Fellows Baby Quilt

So last week I left off with the quilting done and the batting trimmed away, but no binding yet because I wanted to verify the baby's name, print the label, and insert the label in the binding.

We were at a birthday party last weekend for the baby's two-year-old brother, and the mom confirmed that the baby's name is Lincoln. The family is outdoorsy, mom used to be a vet tech and loves animals, and dad's an avid hunter. So this Forest Fellows print is perfect for them. (Robert Kaufman, no affiliation)

The wind was helping while I was trying to take photos.

So was the sun. We had some tree damage in a storm last month, lost about a third of the big locust that shades our back yard, so now the sun is dappled in my best quilt photo spot.

OK, this quilt is small enough, let's try the fence in the deep shade.... A little gloomy, but photo editing fixed that.

Baby Lincoln is due on October 3rd, so his quilt is ready & waiting for him.

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  1. How wonderful to have the quilt finished in plenty of time. I bet Mr. Lincoln will get lots of use and love out of your quilt. :)

  2. Oh what a lovely quilt, I love the pinwheel in the centre - it was very apt it was a windy day for the photos!

  3. Love that pinwheel medallion! And I noticed that the animals are facing out from the center. That takes extra fabric, but good for you for being so smart. Sometimes I think our frugal use of every scrap is an excuse to forget about spending extra time and money to get things just right. This quilt looks fabulous!

  4. Congratulations on this darling finish. I really like how your label turned out. The border looking like your binding is awesome.

  5. What a fun pinwheel design Jan! I bought some of these same fabrics when they came out - so cute!