Friday, October 28, 2016

Gracie's Wardrobe Additions

Back in April I found an 18" doll at a thrift store in excellent condition, brand new but just the naked doll, no box, clothing or accessories. For $3 I couldn't pass it up. I named her Gracie. 

I'm making one outfit or accessory set a month and I'll gift Gracie and her wardrobe to my great niece for Christmas. I forgot to post about Gracie's wardrobe in September, so today we have both the September and the October additions. 

September: Yoga pants and a tank top. A flyaway cardigan to layer over them. Or dress up a bit with a skirt instead of yoga pants. I love how the teal cardi matches Gracie's eyes. 
October: Cooler weather calls for a warm jacket.

I'm trying to keep Gracie's style similar to the kinds of clothing my seven-year-old niece actually wears. I only get to play with doll clothes for two more months, then Gracie will be gone. I'll have to come up with something special for November and December. Any ideas? 


  1. Very cool project! If I was still a little girl I would have loved to receive Gracie with all her outfits - I am sure your niece will love her! What a great on-going might have inspired me, I haven't tried doll clothes...

  2. So cute! How about a Christmas dress in there and a Halloween costume. Maybe a gypsy? That would be really fun to make.

  3. Loved seeing Gracie and her outfits. Does your great-niece live where there is snow? Maybe a snowsuit or a skating outfit? No matter what you decide to do, clearly this is going to be a wonderful gift!

  4. Kate took the words right out of my mouth! A sparkly holiday dress and a costume would be my choice, too. What was your grand niece for Halloween? I'll bet she'd love her doll to have the same costume :)

    Have you made a set of pajamas yet? How about a little quilt for Gracie's bed? So fun!

    I hope you'll take a photo of all the outfits together. This has been quite a project!