Monday, November 28, 2016

Autumn Palettes: A Finish and a Start

I've mentioned before that I'm giving quilts to family members this Christmas, mostly for the purpose of clearing excess quilts out of my house. I make them because I enjoy making them, but then what to do with them? They've been piling up. So this year 5 quilts are going to various relatives; all are approximately sofa-size.

This one is going to the senior H. family, an active couple in their eighties. It just came back from the quilter and I got it bound and labeled yesterday. Sorry for the lousy photo, it's raining here today so the best I could do was put it on the guest bed and shoot it with a flash. Hopefully I can get better photos later in the week.

The blocks were the alternate BOM from a LQS a couple years ago. They were supposed to be combined with the main BOM to create a king size quilt, but I don't need a king size quilt so I chose to use the blocks in two separate quilts.

I cleared off the design wall last week, and since then I put all the Dancing Plus blocks I've been making up there. They're not arranged yet; I'll need to move some around for better balance, but here's the basic layout. There are 143 blocks and they go all the way down to the floor but you can only see the top 2/3 here. (Again, sorry for the poor flash photo.)

This palette was inspired by an older charm pack that features amber, russet, dusty teal, olive, and black. In addition to the charm pack, I found lots of harmonious fabrics in my stash, and I collected a few more prints last week. There are at least 57 dark and 52 light fabrics, probably more because I may have forgotten to count a few as I was cutting. Even though I want to play with this project, these blocks will have to wait while I get Christmas gifts finished up.

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  1. You are making great headway on your Christmas gift giving making! I think you will have many happy family members this year.

  2. LOVE your dancing plus blocks! I'm using your pattern for my 365 quilt block project this year - I have one month and a bit to go, and haven't repeated a "plus" fabric yet (not sure if that's a good thing to brag about...!).

  3. The plus blocks are wonderful! Your family is lucky!

  4. Very fun projects. Sounds like you are getting a handle on all those Christmas gifts.

  5. I'm with you: it's fun to make quilts, but you can't keep them all! Best to give them away :)

    I like these muted autumn pieces and they will make great gifts. Most people don't decorate their home with super bright colors, so the more subdued palettes will fit on just about any couch.