Monday, November 14, 2016

BB Progress

It's been awhile since I've been able to work on my Bento Box project because of Murphy and because of the deadline projects I needed to get done. Last time I posted about it, the blocks were arranged on my design wall. I labeled the columns and rows for sewing, and took the blocks off the design wall to work on one of the deadline projects.
Coral BB Blocks, Final Layout

Murphy has settled down a little, so I can snatch some occasional moments in the sewing room. The deadline projects are either done or far enough along that they're off the wall, so I can get back to my Bento Box project.

I had way too many blocks, 32 in all. While most of the blocks have coral in them, some also featured a lot of green. Because of the busy-ness and the riot of color, I pulled out most of the green blocks and used the 20 blocks shown above. Before borders, that will measure 48 x 60; after borders, at least 56 x 68.

That left me 12 blocks with less coral / more green in them so I decided to use them for a smaller quilt. Since there are so few blocks, they were quick to lay out and sew together. I kept the same layout of dark intersections and light ones.
Green BB Top

With only 12 blocks, it measures 36 x 48. I don't know about borders yet, it will depend on whether I have enough of the border print stripe left over after framing the first top. If there's not enough, I'll see what else I can find in my stash that will work. I'd like to get it up to at least 42 x 54 for a kid size lap quilt.

The first top, which was taken off the wall in stacks for sewing the rows together, is now at this stage: rows sewn, ready to be pressed so they can be joined together into the top.
Coral BB Rows in Work

So, progress on two BB variations. I'm hoping I can get the coral top finished including borders this week. Then I can figure out what to do about borders for the green version.

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  1. It's so pretty! I absolutely love your fabric choices. It'll make a wonderful quilt.

  2. I like your Bento Box quilt. It's neat that you have enough left to make a smaller one too. Say Hi to Murphy and give him a pat on the head for me.

  3. Nice work! I like your creative adventures, thanks for sharing.

  4. I am so glad to see that the green blocks are going together for another quilt; it looks great!

  5. I like the green yellow and grey mix with the splash of red. You would only need a border to bring it up to size. I much prefer lap quilts, they are so usable.

  6. The border print is going to work so well with those blocks. You'll have two very colorful quilts when you get finished.