Friday, November 11, 2016

Gracie's November Outfit

I needed a break from organizing kits to hand out to my Piecing Group (Wednesday's post and Monday's post) but with stuff spread out on the design wall and on my worktable, I didn't have room to work with anything large. So, back to doll clothes.

I've kept Gracie's wardrobe sort of seasonal, sundresses in the summer, a jacket in October, etc. Now she needs school clothes for winter. A long sleeve knit dress should do nicely. Special thanks to my friend Jeanne for the knit fabrics for Gracie's clothing, and for the encouragement!

I picked up a FQ of a cute little pink plaid last week, thinking it would make a great pleated skirt. So the dress actually does double duty; here it's a top with the skirt: 

Don't you just love those boots? I went to a craft store looking for faux shearling to make boots, and across the aisle were doll items. For less than the cost of the material I was able to get the boots, so I didn't have to figure out how to make them. And the store had Chucks, too, so cute I couldn't pass them up.

So my November clothing additions for Gracie are finished. One more month - outfit - to go, then I'll give Gracie and her wardrobe to my great-niece for Christmas. 

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  1. How fun!! Pretty sure your niece will think it's the best gift ever

  2. I love that pink skirt! Gracie is a very well-dressed doll.

  3. That pink dress is a great two-for-one! School clothes are very important :)