Sunday, November 27, 2016

Stash Report 11/27/16

Although this is the last stash report Sunday of November, I have high hopes of using a bit more and accomplishing more of my goals for this month, so I'll wait 'til next week to recap November. There has been quite a bit of stash movement this week, though.

IN: 1-1/2 yards (mostly 1/8 yard cuts) for Dancing Plus blocks and 3/4 yard for binding for the autumn forest quilt. The forest quilt came back from the quilter and I hope to get it bound tomorrow. Photos to come later this week when it's finished.

OUT: I'm estimating 9 yards total for both Bento Box tops. I didn't log everything I cut - that was a lot of cutting and there are dozens of different fabrics used - so I just drew up a quick & dirty mock up in EQ7 for the estimate, then added the two yards of border print that I used.

Not counted yet: I've made 143 Dancing Plus blocks for a future project. Again, a lot of cutting! Here are over 100 of them, not trimmed down yet. They'll finish at 6" but they start at 7-1/2". 

Since I took the photo above, I've finished the rest of the blocks I need and trimmed them so the plusses tilt to the left or the right. I've slapped them up on my design wall, but they're not arranged yet. I have Christmas stuff to finish, so as much as I want to play with the Dancing Plus project, I'll have to focus on priorities and deadlines first. Let's see how much of my November to-do list I can get finished by the end of the month.

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  1. You should end the month with some pretty good stash numbers. Well, as long as you were able to resist the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.