Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Finish: Dancing Plus II Flimsy

Finally, the Dancing Plus blocks and columns are sewn together into a finished flimsy. (Now I can use my design wall for other projects!) At 11 columns by 13-1/2 rows, DP II measures 66 x 81" for a generous sofa quilt. I will quilt this one myself with vertical organic wavy lines. 

Dancing Plus II Flimsy

We finally had a day without rain, ice, drizzle, fog, or single-digit temperatures, and there was even a brief glimpse of the sun. I dropped everything else and managed to get a few outdoor photos. Murphy helped. A six month old puppy is lots of help with a flapping quilt, especially when his feet are muddy. Fortunately no mud got on the quilts. My pants, however... well, you can imagine. We're still working on not jumping up on people.
Murphy, 6 months, 10 lbs.

Since I had only an indoor photo of my LCT QOV, I took outdoor photos of it as well. I need to add a proper QOV label to it and then it can be donated to QOV for an event in April.
Log Cabin Triangles Quilt of Valor, about 62 x 80"

2017 is starting off well. My stash report will look pretty good this week!

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  1. I'm glad you had a bit of clear skies and nicer weather to get outside. Getting DPII off the design wall is a big accomplishment. And thanks for sharing a photo of Murphy!

  2. LOVE that spiral quilting on the QOV!!! Can't imagine doing that on such a big quilt.

  3. both of them are awesome. I love the dancing crosses!!!

  4. Oh the pluses are great. I've tried wonky houses but I might have to give that a go. Your gorgeous puppy has a look that seems to say: 'Don't mess with this quilt!' - very cute. And the spiral quilting - sensational.

  5. Your quilts are lovely! I love the playfulness of your Dancing Plus. Wow! What a beautiful QOV!

  6. Congrats on finishing the piecing of your Dancing Plus quilt. It's a fun quilt. The fabrics give it a very warm glow. Thankfully we got some sun in between the rain storms this weekend. It's been way to dreary and cold for my taste.