Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year 2017: Picking Up Where I Left Off...

... and then some.

Before Christmas I started spiral quilting my LCT QOV. It's about 40% quilted now but I still have a lot to go. I want to finish this quilt - bound and labeled - this month so I can deliver it to my friend for the local QOV organization. They've put out a call for 60+ quilts for a homecoming event in STL in the spring. My friend's group and my guild are supplying 6 quilts and this will be one of them.
LCT QOV Spiral Quilting in Progress

My Dancing Plus II blocks are still on the wall and still not joined into rows. This was a December goal that didn't happen, so it's rolled over into a January goal.
Dancing Plus II Blocks on Design Wall

And I couldn't start a new year without starting a new project, right? I think I might like to follow along with Pat Sloan's Solstice Challenge, 25 Blocks in 182 Days. This will be all from stash. Several years ago (8? 10?) I was collecting fabrics for a purple & olive quilt. With no particular design in mind, I never made it so the fabrics have been aging nicely. Maybe they can work for the Pat Sloan blocks. I have a constant neutral, and plenty of purples and greens. I hope we get some blocks with several levels of value so I can use lights, mediums and darks together.
Pat Sloan Solstice Challenge Fabric Pull
and First Two Blocks

These projects should keep me busy for awhile....
But before I can spend time in the sewing room, I have to spend time cleaning up and putting away the Christmas stuff. You can see gift wrap in one of the photos above!

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  1. Your purple and olive fabrics have been "aging" in your stash? I LOVE that -- now it's like a wine cellar to be proud of rather than a source of shame! :-) I've been aging lots of fabrics in MY stash, too... I love your little plus sign blocks, and I'm curious -- how are you doing your spiral quilting? On a domestic machine or on a long arm? Did you mark the spiral ahead of time, and are you turning the quilt under the machine as you go, quilting free motion, or using any special tools?

  2. Please answer Rebecca online as I'd like to know, too! Your olive and purple fabrics should work well for Pat's challenge. I love that combo.

  3. Hopefully you got all your decorations put away and have been able to work on your ongoing and new project.