Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Squirrel: January = Multiple Projects

There's something about the new year that gets the creative juices flowing. Or maybe I just get distracted easily by intriguing ideas. Yeah, that's more like it.

So far this month I've started the Pat Sloan Solstice challenge. I'm using a palette that's not "me." Because I believe repetition can contribute to a better design, especially in a sampler quilt, I'm making 6" Shoo Fly blocks using the fabrics from the main blocks. I don't know how this will end up, but I'll keep going for awhile. Here are my first four blocks and their companion Shoo Fly blocks.
Solstice Challenge blocks and companion Shoo Fly blocks

Last week I was distracted by my friend Karen's project and I just had to make her some little string blocks. Glad I tried them; learned they're not for me.
String blocks for Karen

My friend Cherie, who blogs over at the Quilted Jonquil, posted a couple of inspiring photos last week. Check out this post, scroll down and look for the antique top in the shop window, and the blue four patch top. Go visit, then come back.

The antique top we saw in Paducah last spring was sold, but it's an interesting design. I played in EQ and recreated the block for her, and printed out templates so she can make her own version if she wants. Sure would look good using recycled shirtings, her specialty.
Draft of antique top's block for Cherie

And that four patch top in her post? That was made using leftover blocks I had donated to a guild fabric swap several years ago. I ended up getting more of those blocks back in our guild's recent Orphan Adoption Event. Cherie has challenged me to finish a quilt with them and she'll finish hers so we can show them at show & tell at the same time.
Leftover-leftover patches, from guild's Orphan Adoption Event

So I'm playing with them on the design wall. There's a reason these are leftover-leftovers. There's less variety, therefore they're harder to work with. But I still have some of these fabrics in my stash, and I have a plan.

Cherie only has to get hers quilted, and she has a long arm, but she works full time. I have to make the top as well as quilt it on my domestic machine, but I have more time for sewing than she has. What do you think about our challenge?

And, oh, by the way, Dancing Plus II is now a flimsy. The weather's been bad but I'm hoping to get some outdoor photos by Friday. Meanwhile, here's an indoor shot. It finished at 63-1/2 x 81-1/2".
DP II flimsy

Enough distractions for one month? Oh, well, it's been nice having projects to keep me busy while the weather's been so bad. Between the the extreme cold, the ice storm, and the drizzly rain, I've been cooped up in the house for most of the month so far. Might as well play in the sewing room, right?

So, have you been distracted by anything in the new year?
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  1. I'm loving Dancing Plus II :) I looks lovely on the bed and goes well with the wall color ;) Thanks, again for the templates....I've got Ami Simms' sticky plastic template that I'm going to try out for them.

  2. You have been busy and making great progress! Your second dancing plus quilt top looks great, and I think the challenge between you and Cherie is a challenge indeed. I look forward to seeing how both quilts come together.

  3. I have fabric pulled for Pat Sloan solstice quilt. But I have not started it yet because I am trying to get a few UFOs done first

  4. The Solstice Challenge blocks are looking good. Have fun playing with your 4 patch blocks. I like what you've got up on the design wall so far. Have fun playing with new stuff and working out what to do on the old.