Monday, January 23, 2017

Putting My Own Spin on It

Block 5 of Pat Sloan's Solstice challenge is called Gramma Anna's Basket and is supposed to look like this:
Um...  This isn't going to work for me. One, I'm not into applique, although I could manage a small amount like this if I really wanted to. Two, the whole basket concept is just too cutesy for my taste. Three, it looks old fashioned, and I prefer a look that is more timeless.

The way I see it, the Challenge here is to keep up with making blocks every week. I've further challenged myself to work with a non-favorite color, purple.  I'm also challenging myself to make small companion blocks each week featuring the fabrics of my main block.

So if I don't duplicate the block design exactly but still manage to make all the blocks on time and have them come out looking good, that will count, right? Thanks, I'm glad you agree.  :-)

So for week 5, I changed up the basic block design by omitting the basket applique and using a feature print for the center square instead. I used strong contrast for the surrounding triangles, and subtle contrast for the corner ones. I eliminated a few seams by using flying geese instead of half square triangles. Here's how my block #5 and its companions ended up.

Here are the first four blocks. I'm not loving weeks one and two so I might remake them later, but we'll see how the rest of the blocks go, first.

Meanwhile, since finishing my DP II flimsy, I need to regroup, clean up the sewing room, and figure out where I'm at with several WIPs and UFOs. That should keep me busy this week! What are you working on?

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  1. I am at a point I need to re-group and plan what I am working on for the week, too. Lots of different ideas this morning but I'm going to try to pick one thing to focus on. I do think that just keeping up with making a block a week is really the point and modifying the blocks slightly to fit your taste is wise and a good early decision so that you can feel more free later in the year if it comes up again.

  2. I had to look back at the original to figure out what you did. I definitely like yours so much better. You are working on several different levels on these blocks. Good luck with them.

  3. Good call on using flying annoys me when HST are used for this unit when the colors are the same. Good call on not doing the appliqued basket, too!

  4. I also have to step back after a big project. For one, the studio is generally a horrible mess. And secondly, my brain is overloaded and needs a break before I can get started on another big project. I find that's a good time for small projects.

    Love your blocks. You really did a great job of transforming the block into a more modern version. Beautiful!

  5. Well you are very clever. It was too cutesy with the basket and your design is much cleaner. Enjoy!

  6. I'm not one for applique either and really like your solution to the basket block problem.

  7. Now why didn't I decide to jetison the applique. I guess I can go back later and replace it. And I also wondered why Pat didn't use flying geese. I don't care for this week's block. I may have a bunch of orphan blocks for the back.

  8. I'm not a big purple fan either. Your blocks look great!