Monday, July 3, 2017

First Saturday Blocks

My LQS is in the 11th month of a BOM series called Emerald Isle. Each month there is a main block and an alternate block. I'm making all the main blocks on time each month.

 I have all the kits for the alternate blocks, but I haven't made  them yet. All of the blocks, main and alternate, have a 6" pieced center and three borders that form an Irish chain effect with light corners.

I have a plan for the alternate blocks. Instead of piecing the center 6" blocks, I'm going to use one fabric as a constant. The alternate blocks will still have the three frames around them, and I'll use the kits for those.

I have slightly more than a yard of this print in my stash and I love it. I'm pretty sure a yard will be enough.

Using the BOM kits yields 24 blocks. But I want a 30 block - 5 x 6 - layout to finish at 60" x 72".  I'll need to make six extra blocks, three with pieced centers and three alternates. I have plenty of green and blue options in my stash for the extra pieced blocks and frames for them all.

So what do you think of my plan to make this my own by changing up the alternate blocks? Will the print I've chosen work?

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  1. I really like your plan. I think it will allow your eye to really enjoy the lovely piecing work of the main blocks and help highlight the Irish Chain secondary design. The fabric itself seems like the perfect blue/green blender. I'm looking forward to seeing it come together for you! (And I think you'll still have close to if not more than a 1/2 yard after cutting out 15 6" squares!)

  2. Love the chains connecting your pretty blocks. I think you have made a great plan and your fabric will work. I like longer quilts too :)

  3. Your color scheme is so peaceful and soothing. The piece you've taken from your stash goes so nicely with the blocks you've made. It's going to be a beautiful quilt.

  4. I can see your plan, and it looks good to me. It will be fun watching your progress.

  5. Excellent plan, and it will be a great quilt. I really like your colors.

  6. I love your color choice. I also like the easy way to get the Irish chain effect. And your alternate plan will go faster than pieced centers. Claire aka knitnkwilt

  7. It sure looks like the fabric you've chosen will look great with your blocks. And, yep, I like that you are going to change it up some and make it yours.