Friday, July 7, 2017

Show Ribbon

One of my must-do deadline projects this month is to make an award ribbon for my guild's upcoming show. The ribbons are due at our meeting on the 18th. My task is to make the green "Viewers' Choice" ribbon.

Mission accomplished.

We make these kinds of ribbons for each biennial show. The ribbon coordinator provides the CD, the colored streamers, and the printed ribbon. The maker builds the award around the CD, attaches the ribbons and the backing, and signs it.

After a false start, this ended up taking me two whole afternoons to make. I used a 3" printed Pineapple block and paper pieced it. I had a wonderful green ombre gradiant fabric in my stash which I used for the ruffle and the dark parts of the pineapple piecing. If I say so myself, I think it came out pretty good. I hope the recipient likes it.

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  1. I love the ombre effect and I'm sure the recipient is going to be super excited to receive it!

  2. It's a gorgeous ribbon. The winner will be very proud to display it. How cool that your guild makes their own.

  3. That is gorgeous! How thoughtful to put such effort into the ribbon that will be awarded to a quilt that also took lots of effort.

  4. That's a beautiful ribbon! The ombre effect makes it even more special!

  5. Wow, that ribbon is amazing and worth earning a ribbon because of the cool workmanship that went into it! I hope that whoever wins it appreciates it!