Monday, July 17, 2017

STLMQG Quilt Show

The St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild's quilt show "This is Modern" was held this past weekend, and it far exceeded my expectations. Over 150 quilts were on exhibit, and the work was stunning.

Show categories included Improvisation, Modern Traditionalism, Piecing, Negative Space, Minimalist Design, Bee quilts, Handwork, Applique, and small quilts and non-quilt items made in the modern style.

While I tried to get as many photos as possible, my time was limited and in the long aisles I wasn't able to get acceptable photos.  My apologies to members whose work isn't shown here, or if I've inadvertently put something in the wrong category.



Modern Traditionalism

Negative Space

Minimalist Design

Bee Quilts

Huge  thank you  to the show committee and all the volunteers. You put on an outstanding show and it seemed like you had the logistics exceptionally well organized. Well done! 


  1. Wow, lots of talent in your guild. Very impressive show!

  2. Thanks for sharing what you were able to photograph; it looks like it was a great show!

  3. There were some VERY stunning quilts! Thanks for the pictures!