Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Computer Woes

I am so not tech savvy.

I've been getting an error message on my laptop for weeks. I can't comprehend the instructions for fixing the error, let alone find wherever in the system these things are located. So I took the laptop to the Geek Squad.

They couldn't work on it. They showed me the battery, which is bulging and could explode. What????
Yes, it's a lithium ion battery, the kind you can't check in your luggage on planes due to the likelihood of it exploding or catching fire. The Geek Squad can't work on the laptop's software issues until the battery issue is resolved. They gave me the customer service number for the laptop maker and told me to order a battery.

Meanwhile I've been using the laptop, battery removed, just plugged into the wall outlet for power. I'm still getting the error message. Plus, I was travelling recently and even with the laptop plugged into the outlets at hotels, I couldn't connect to any WIFI.  Strange; the home WIFI connects just fine.

Now that I'm home, I've ordered the battery and it has arrived, so I can take the laptop and new battery back to the Geek Squad and hopefully they can fix the problem. Which means I'll be without my laptop for however long it takes them to fix it. I really hope they can get it fixed. It's a powerful PC and has lots of memory and everything I need for graphics, photos, EQ7, etc.

I have an old laptop that I can use to get online, but it doesn't have any of my quilting or photo editing stuff on it. So, no new blog posts with photos for awhile.

Wish me luck with the Geek Squad!

Since no post would be complete without a photo, I'll share this one of the Nurses for Newborns top I pieced in February, which is up for quilting now. Since I'll be spending less time on the computer, maybe I can get this little quilt finished soon.

Link up: Sew Fresh Quilts


  1. I hope that your computer can be fixed quickly and without further issues!!! Good luck!

  2. Sorry to hear about your computer, but you certainly made use of your extra time with that sweet little quilt!!

  3. I hate having computer problems. Hopefully it will be a quick fix and you'll have your computer back soon.

  4. I hate computer problems, lucky for me DH deals with computers all the time and so does our son. I love the colors in your little baby quilt.

  5. Ugh, frustrating! I hope they can fix your computer, pronto!

  6. Hi, want to thank you for the Spring Fling pattern that we are making on Quilts of Valor Stars. I have quite a way to go yet as I started late, but it is a wonderful looking quilt. Holly revealed it today! Again, thank you!. Becky

  7. When computers don't work, it can be so very frustrating. One would think my computer never breaks down since my husband is the computer expert. But really, I have lots of issues and old software and an old desktop. It's the cobbler's kids and shoes story.