Monday, March 5, 2018

Fabric Pull for Grandson's Quilt

Grandson C.J. Just turned three, and he has a new big boy twin bed at dad's house. When he was here for a visit recently we looked at pictures on the screen together, and he picked out fabric for a new big bed quilt.  He picked out the Construction Zone print, and I ordered it and the blue rivets print to go with it. The yellow and grey are from my stash.

Friends gave me a couple more similar prints at the fabric swap. I'm not sure how I'll use them yet. I'm planning to use my Big Print Beauty pattern which was designed to feature large scale prints, but I need for C.J.'s dad to verify the dimensions of the bed first. I think I'll need to make the quilt narrower because the bed doesn't have a box spring, it has storage drawers, so we don't want the sides of the quilt to hang down too long.

I'd like to find two more companion prints in lighter blues to go with these, so I'll have five prints as shown in the pattern. Or the pattern can be made with just one big print, and I ordered enough of the Construction Zone fabric to do so.

So until I get the bed measurements, I'll keep looking for companion fabrics and get these pre-washed. What are you planning for your next project?

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  1. How fun and exciting! I know C.J. is going to have some pride of ownership when the quilt is put on his bed. :)

  2. What a fun big boy quilt! I really like the colors! The pattern you picked looks like a road design and CJ could drive his hot wheels on it!!!

  3. What fun fabrics. I do love a bright quilt. CJ will be one happy grandson!

  4. Cute fabrics! CJ will love it :) I'm not sure what my next project will be. I'm sort of in the mode of finishing up stuff I've already started these days :)