Friday, September 7, 2018

CJ's Big Boy Bed Quilt

Grandson CJ is 3-1/2 and he has graduated from a toddler bed to a big boy bed (twin). So of course I made him a quilt for it.   Ta-da - finished!

I got it back from the quilter on Tuesday, and finished putting the binding and label on yesterday. Perfect timing; I'll see CJ this weekend.

As soon as I put the final stitch in, I hurried outside to take some photos. It was about to start raining, and it's supposed to rain all weekend.

The back is pieced from leftover fabrics from the front.

CJ chose the focus fabric. I pre-selected some prints and showed him images of them on my laptop, and asked him which one was his favorite. He chose the same print two days in a row. Now a few months later, I hope he still likes it! Here are some of the prints shown closer on the back.

Some of the prints are directional. When I planned this quilt, I laid it out so that no matter which end is at the head or foot of the bed, and which side is toward the room or the wall, the print in the border and the blocks hanging down the side of the bed would always be right side up. From a three-year-old's eye level, that's mostly what he'll see.

Here you can see more of the border print and some of the swirly quilting. 

And of course he needs a pillowcase to go with it.

I hope he likes it. 

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  1. How awesome that it is finished just in time for a visit with CJ. I bet he will still love the prints and be excited to put it on his bed!

  2. What a fun and colorful quilt! The pillowcase is an added bonus! CJ will absolutely love it!

  3. How fun! Congrats on a very cool finish.

  4. Where can I find this great pattern? And can it be used as a donation quilt by members of my guild, the Durham-Orange Quilters, in North Carolina?

    1. Mary, you are a no-reply blogger so I can't reply by email.
      This quilt is my own design, similar to my pattern "Big Print Beauty" which you can find in the Patterns tab above, but made with smaller blocks. You are welcome to use the design for a donation quilt. Please email me at ochterbeckj (at) gmail (dot) com if you want more information. Be sure to provide your email address so I can reply.

  5. Thank you, Jan! My email is and I found the pattern in your pattern column. I also found your perfect QOV pattern and, since I am a member of a QOV group, I can't wait to show it to them. Will start on it today. Is there a PDF version of Big Print Beauty that I can order?
    Thanks again so very much. I'm the donation chairperson for our guild. We make quilts for the children's hospitals and hospice here in N.C. I'm inspired to make a quilt a month like you. We have workshops and make 15-20 tops a month. Our members are incredibly prolific. Thanks again so much.
    Mary Ed Williams
    Pittsboro, NC

  6. CJ will have so much fun checking out all those boy toys in the fabrics!

  7. CJ is going to spend hours with the cars and trucks in this quilt. Awesome little boy quilt!

  8. This quilt is just so much fun! I'm sure he'll love it. Congrats on the finish :)

  9. Lucky grandson! Such a cute little boy quilt.

  10. What a fun quilt for your lucky little boy.

  11. He's going to LOVE this quilt, (insert your Grandma name here)!!! :o))

  12. I'm sure he loves it. Arranging the directional fabrics that way was so clever. Very cute quilt!