Wednesday, September 12, 2018

September N4Nb Quilt

In my Nurses for Newborns quilts, I'm trying for a variety of boy, girl, and gender neutral. I'm making one of these little 24" x 36" quilts a month for STLMQG's charity project. Here's where I'm at so far:
February, March, April, and May




Looks like a boyish one should be up next. I have some leftover prints from the recent baby quilt in blues, and some greens from stash that could work.

I kind of like how they look laid out in stripes like that. Maybe I'll just sew strips together and see what develops.

Here are the WOF strips sewn into a strata, and cut in half.  The plan is to cut a strip from across the other half, reverse the direction, and insert the strip so it bisects the quilt across the middle.

No photo of that result. It was disappointing.

I've learned that if something is not working, sometimes I can salvage it if I cut it up and rearrange it. So by doing that, this is what I ended up with.

Not wonderful, but it'll do. Once again, confirming that even the simplest improv just isn't my thing. It was definitely a learning experience.

I'll get it quilted and bound and add it to the pile of N4Nb quilts to turn in in November. Even though it's not great design, it will certainly serve the purpose of a Nurses for Newborns quilt.

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  1. While it isn’t your favorite, I think it is darling. I’m sure it will go to the right people.

  2. I agree with Jasmine, I think it turned out just fine and will be loved in the home it finds.

  3. I think it came out just right, improv looking.

  4. I can see that just reversing one strip wouldn't be enough contrast, but alternating 9 or 10 like that makes a very nice, wonky checkerboard effect! Very modern and dynamic :)

  5. It's going to be snuggly regardless of pattern, so if it's not your cup of tea, it still works as you said. At least you tried something new and found it wasn't for you.