Monday, November 12, 2018

December "Operation Shower" Baby Quilt

The traditional guild I belong to, CSQ, is supporting Operation Shower, which provides baby showers for expecting military families. I can't resist the opportunity to make a sweet baby quilt.

Last spring I found this remnant in Paducah. Precious! This fabric is too cute to just languish in my stash. Who could resist those sheep?!!!

So I pulled some coordinating fabrics from stash. The only time I get to use girly fabrics is for donation quilts. I should have photographed them on the white tabletop instead of on the print, but you get the idea.

Another Plus quilt, simple patchwork that lets the fabrics do the work. The sheep will be the backing because I couldn't bear to cut them up.
(sorry for blurry photo)

In other news, I broke my camera. It fell from my cutting table to the hard floor while it was on and the lens was extended. It landed in such a way that it bent the lens apparatus out of alignment. I need to take it to the camera shop and see what they can do with it. Sigh.

Meanwhile I'm making do with phone photos, which I don't like because they always come out looking out of focus no matter how carefully I try to hold the phone still. I may be posting less often or with fewer photos for awhile; please bear with me.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your camera; I hope it can be repaired. I did wonder where the cute fabric went, but I wouldn't have wanted to cut it up either; it will make a perfect backing.

  2. What a great organization. I didn’t see if they mention a quilt size. What size is your quilt and where are you sending it to?

  3. What a precious girlie quilt! That ewe fabric is too cute to cute! Hope you camera damage is minimal.

  4. Cute sheeps fabric! Love your plus quilt, great colors combo

  5. Oh I may have cried over the camera!! But! What a sweet quilt!

  6. I can see why those sheep tugged at your heartstrings! So cute! I'm sorry to hear about your camera, though. I hope you can get it repaired.

  7. That's a shame about your camera. Hope it's an easy (cheap-ish) fix. The sheep are adorable!!!!

  8. Hopefully you can get something done about the camera. Love the fabrics in your new baby quilt. Very pretty, perfect for a little girl.

  9. Such cute sheep!! Speaking of camera photos, I noticed that if I just hit the button quickly, sometimes the phone camera didn't have time to quite focus in on the subject. So I began reaching for the button just a little ssloowwwer, watching the picture to see if it was focused properly, before I actually hit the button. I have better pictures in focus now, much of the time. Because the camera button actually senses the fingertip coming closer to the button, I think.