Friday, November 16, 2018

Nurses for Newborns Quilts at STLMQG

At the STLMQG meeting last Saturday we turned in our Nurses for Newborns quilts. There were quite a few turned in; the the count hasn't been announced yet.

These are most of the ones from Saturday; a few more were added to the piles after I took the photo.

The first batch was collected back in May. Quite a few were turned in then, too. I'm curious to know what the total came to; I hope they announce it at the next meeting.

I contributed 12 all together. It was a fun project because the quilts are small enough they go together quickly, and I enjoyed trying out new techniques or color combos each month. If the charity committee decides to continue for next year, I will definitely make more N4Nb quilts.


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  1. Oh, very nice! A good way to provide comfort and to try out new things at the same time. Sure to be appreciated!

  2. What, what an awesome turnout. I hope they announce the final count, too!

  3. WOW!!! Good for you - and what beautiful quilts! I can just imagine the smiles when those quilts are gifted - truly they will make someones day!

  4. That's a nice stack of quilts!

  5. What a luscious stack of quilts! Please do share the final numbers :)

  6. A great effort for a much- needed cause.