Monday, September 2, 2019

August Stash Report and Goals Recap

August was a major milestone month - the Checkerboards and Dresdens project was finished to a flimsy. I also participated in Kevin's mystery and finished an abbreviated top, so there should be some good stash usage numbers.

August Stash Report:
IN this month: 4-1/8 yards (4-1/8 yards special girl baby quilt fabrics)
OUT this month: 22-1/2 yards (19-1/4 yards for Checkerboards + Dresdens top (includes leftover strips). Est. 3-1/2 yards for Kevin's mystery quilt top.)

IN YTD: 88.5 yards
OUT YTD: 86-1/8 yards
YTD Net Change: 2-3/8 yards added to the stash.

Moving much closer to my goal of breaking even for the year. I anticipate having some finishes this fall so if I don't go overboard with fabric purchases I should be fine.

Goals Update:
August Recap:
1. Finish the checkerboard borders and make backing for the Red Project and get everything ready to give to the quilter. DONE; gave everything to the quilter on Aug. 10.
2. Start planning a special girl baby quilt for my niece's baby and kit it up for future off-site sewing. YES - purchased fabric, pre-washed it, cut triangles, laid them out and kitted it up for off-site sewing later. 
3. Work on Clue #2 for Kevin's mystery. DONE - made neutral four patches and cut extra pieces. Also completed Clue 3 and assembled a smaller top.
4. Work on hand stitching WIGSP Piecing Group project. YES!!! Finished sewing two rows, leaving only one bottom border row to be added. 
5. Continue working on the collaboration project with friends if possible. NO. I don't know if this is ever going to happen so I'm not going to put it on the list any more.
6. Look through UFOs and work on one of them; try to get it finished. Partially: chose Roman Road, prepped the binding, and basted the label on. 
7. Keep up with bee blocks and BOMs. DONE

Other: Made award ribbon for CSQ's quilt show. Put sleeves on two quilts to hang in the show.

September Goals:
1. Finish the WIGSP flimsy and prep backing to take to the quilter.
2. Find out if STLMQG wants me to do demos at Sew Me STL and if so, start prepping materials for them.
3. Make Bat pillow for grandson.
4. Plan the next donation quilt using pieces from Wanda at Exuberant Color.
5. Bind and finish Roman Road.
6. If time permits, quilt and finish Kevin's mystery quilt for donation.
7. Keep up with bee blocks and BOMs.

I have some other non-quilty stuff going on in September so my list is a little light, but I can always find something else to work on if time permits.

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  1. Good luck with the goals this month. I am working on Kevin's QA as well.

  2. Wow, the Dresden and checkerboard patches is gorgeous. Good call on shortening the four patch mystery, it looks very good.

  3. You're so busy! and so organised too. I hope you get a lot done in September. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.

  4. The Dresdens & Checkerboards quilts is stunning. I love everything about it. The Summer Mystery quilt turned out really pretty too. Maybe I should have joined in too!

  5. Your Checkerboard Dresden quilt is just gorgeous. What an eye treat.