Friday, August 30, 2019


OK, I admit, I'm tired of playing with little four patches. I put them up on the wall per Kevin's mystery reveal, but in a smaller layout since I made fewer units.

I got them all sewn together. With the sides trimmed, the area in the photo above measures 40" square. No, I did not save all the little triangle off-cuts from squaring up and trimming the sides. I have lots of blue and neutral four patches left over, but not enough to finish out the borders like Kevin's design, and I don't want to cut more pieces and make more.

I could leave it at this size for a baby quilt, but I don't like all those bias edges so I decided to add borders. I'm calling this a finished flimsy.

As shown, it measures 48".  I'll quilt it, bind it in blue, and donate it, maybe to Project Linus. It's a good lap size for a kid.  This keeps me on track toward my goal of piecing and/or quilting one donation quilt each month. 

I put the leftover four patches in my "parts" drawer; maybe I'll find a use for them someday. Or maybe I'll give them to a friend who's a scrap quilter. 


  1. Oh I LIKE it!! I think that is a perfect place to stop this one - It will be just perfect for a kid!!!

  2. It turned out really well - I bet you can find a scrappy friend who would love to adopt your blue and neutral four patches.

  3. Oh! I really like you blue version of Kevin's Mystery!! Nice work. You are SEW generous to donate it!

  4. It looks great! Some little person will love it!

  5. I think you captured the essence of Kevin's design by stopping at this point. Such pretty blues!

  6. Love your blue and white color palette. It's a very fun and bright little quilt. It's good to stop before you get completely sick of it so it doesn't end up on the UFO pile.