Friday, September 13, 2019

To Whoop? Or Not to Whoop?

About my hand-pieced Work In Glacially Slow Progress, that is.

On the one hand, it's in one piece after 11+ years in the making.
You could call it an almost finished flimsy, which would certainly be whoop-worthy, especially after all this time.

And I still love it, especially the luminous effect created by the lighter colors at the center shading to darker ones at the edges, and how all the pieces in the hexies sparkle like faceted jewels. .

On the other hand, it's too short for the bed. Some not so nice words were uttered when I put this top on the bed and saw this. Here you can see the bottom of the mattress and a gap at the head of the bed.

The bottom will get one more row to finish the black border, which will then cover the bottom of the mattress/top of the bed skirt. However, the top is about 8" away from the headboard. Gaaaaahhhh!

So it's not as close to a finish as I thought. I will need to take the top border off at the seam indicated by the arrows in the photo below, and make and insert another row of hexies.

This has been a Piecing Group project, all hand pieced by friends in the group. There's not one machine stitch in this project. My turn to hand out at Piecing Group comes around every 18 months or so; my friends have worked on parts of this project for me for 8 go-rounds already. My next turn to hand out comes in February. Guess what my friends are going to be working on????

I have plenty of batik fabric in a wide range of colors and brightness. I also have enough of the black batik used for the borders and setting triangles to cut more parts. I have until February to cut and mark enough pieces to create another row. Thank goodness I still have the templates in the project box.

Once my friends help piece another row, I'll add it to the top rather than to the bottom to push the palest portion, the luminous part, down a little more toward the center.

So, what do you think? Whoop or lament?

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  1. Definite Whoop!! Progress is being made... I really like that luminous in it with the paler colors - it causes your eye to move all over - and almost looks like the sun favors that spot - too cool!

  2. Whoop, definitely. It's gorgeous!! Although, I'm not sure that removing a border and adding another row would be my solution for your dilemma. I admire your tenacity! My tendency would be to add another border or two to make up the size difference.

  3. Love the luminescence! I'd just pile my pillows on top and callerdun.

  4. Wow, what an amazing quilt. So many tiny EPP pretties all joined together to sing a beautiful and luminous song. How fabulous that many hands have shared in the joy of piecing together this pretty.

  5. Definitely a Whoop! for getting what's both a group project and all hand pieced this far! Another Whoop! for sticking with it! Wow, the way the fabrics in the pieced hexies just glow, so nice! You want a full pillow tuck? If the quilt is pulled down to lay just under the pillows (or even just below them), you could call it a done top. Whatever you do, keep at it and bring it to a complete finish. You and it deserve that!

  6. Sorry it is short, but it gets a resounding WOW from me. I am making an EPP queen sized quilt with 2" hexagons and 2" 6 pointed stars. Your quilt is stunning. What is the pattern? Nancy A:

  7. Definitely a quilt with a lot of "WOW" factor. Whoop! for getting it that far, and a sigh cause it's not big enough. But you have a plan to get it where it needs to be, it will just take a bit longer. But it's definitely worth the effort.