Wednesday, April 1, 2020

March Stash Report and Goals Update

What a month this has been! Our plans have changed drastically. I don't know about you, but I feel like I've kind of lost my sewing mojo a little while simultaneously having more time to spend sewing. Or maybe it's just that I can't seem to focus very well. Anyone else having trouble concentrating?

At the beginning of March I celebrated the completion of my WIGSP, a hand pieced top that's been in work since 2008. My friends in CSQ Piecing Group who helped piece it celebrated with me. That was my final attendance at Piecing; I resigned because of my planned move to Arizona.
CSQ Piecing Group with WIGSP now called "How Many"

Well, the house-hunting trip to AZ scheduled for this week is cancelled. DH's retirement date was to be April 30 but his work will be extended through the summer. Our plans to buy a house in AZ are on hold for at least six months, then we'll relook at the situation. Therefore we didn't put our current house on the market this month as originally planned. In addition, our beach vacation with son and grandson planned for May to celebrate DH's retirement is cancelled. The Paducah quilt show and annual trip with my quilting buddies is postponed until September. My busy April calendar is suddenly looking very empty.

So with extra time in the sewing room, let's look at my stash report and goals and see how I did in March.

Stash Report
IN this month: 10-1/2 yards (Connecting Threads sale order including backing for Color Spoke Puzzle)
OUT this month: 7-3/4 yards (Corona Medallion flimsy)

IN YTD: 26-1/2 yards
OUT YTD: 54-5/8 yards
YTD Net Change: 28-1/8 yards OUT
Note: I'm not counting the fabric used in the WIGSP flimsy because it predates my stash report days and was never counted in as part of the stash.

Corona Medallion flimsy

Goals Update 
March Recap: 
1. Thoroughly clean up the sewing room.  Um, yes-ish. Somewhere between a lick and a promise and deep clean.
2. Gather up small quilts for donation to Operation Shower. YES, donated seven small quilts that had been hanging in a closet for years. 
3. Get Checkerboards and Dresden Plates appraised; ship it to AQS. DONE (AQS will hold it until the rescheduled show in September)
4. Finish making blocks for Fan Medallion. DONE. Not only finished making the blocks, finished the top. 
5. Layer, baste, and quilt Have Faith. Currently being pin basted.
6. Start something new. Yes, started new Plus quilt for donation. 
7. Keep up with bee blocks for the last month. DONE. I will continue with Sew Bee It for as long as I'm still in St. Louis. 
Have Faith being basted on the dining room floor

Craving, made in 1998,
one of the small quilts I donated to Operation Shower

April Goals:
1. Quilt and bind Have Faith for Hands 2 Help.
2. Talk to Sandy about quilting How Many and Corona Medallion; order batting and backing.
3. Layer, baste and quilt Color Spoke Puzzle.
4. Assemble Plus top for Hands 2 Help.
5. Make a baby quilt for Operation Shower.
6. Look through UFOs and find something to move forward.

This photo kind of expresses how I feel: The Plus quilt on the design is partially sewn into rows. While vacuuming the sewing room, the exhaust from the hand vac I used blew some of the unsewn squares off the wall.
Results of cleaning up

We'll see how focused I can stay in April. Maybe as time goes on the news won't be so distressing. Meanwhile I'm just staying home. DH is still going to work because his company is deemed essential (they make rotary die equipment for printing and cutting medical labels and masks). He's able to practice social distancing at his office. We'll continue like this for at least the next several months.

I hope you all, my blog friends, are staying safe and well. How has your life changed this month?


  1. I am glad that Paducah is going to hold on to Checkerboards and Dresden Plates until the September show; I was definitely wondering about how all that was going to be handled.

    I am definitely finding it harder to concentrate. Overall, my life looks very similar. The biggest thing I have had to give up is going to the gym, but I have figured out how to do it all at home (so we'll see if I cancel the gym membership to save money when this is all over). Going to the grocery store is now a once a week or less activity, and many of the staples in our vegetarian diet have not been in stock for the last 3 1/2 weeks. I find going out to the grocery store to be very stressful and disheartening, but it is what it is and we are doing our best to be creative. Be well!

  2. Younger son has moved home from his apartment building (he is high risk). Routines are adjusting and personal space needs are becoming more recognized all around. Nearly 500 cases in our county - we've been "in" since March 13 and plan to stay that way. Missing? Our weekly family dinners with elder son/wife/grandson. Thank goodness for FaceTime.

  3. Like you, my sew mojo seems to be subdued. I'm still sewing, but while I used to eagerly enter my studio, now I drag my feet. Once I'm there, I'm glad I started, but the initial push is like molasses! But I'm cutting myself some slack. These are difficult times, and we're allowed to be scattered and unsure. Craving is a vibrant and fun quilt! It might be older than the new Mom who recieves it :)

  4. For the first few weeks I was a machine! and then... now... I need to make a list like you did! Maybe that will give focus! It looks like you still accomplished a ton of things in March!! and I am so sorry for all your plans....that is really the worst - you think you are staying on top of things, and planning so well... and then bam! ( we find ourselves canceling a lot of plane tickets lately!) I am so sorry for your changes in plans!!