Friday, March 27, 2020

Corona Medallion, A Finished Top

This was supposed to be a goal-of-the month long term project with my First Saturday buddies. My goal for this month was to finish making the blocks. The blades had been appliqued down but the corners needed to be snowballed and there were still some details that needed to be taken care of.

Well, with time available I was able to finish the blocks before the end of the month, so I went ahead and assembled the top. I added a 2" border all the way around because the outer points needed some breathing room.

The finished top measures 68-1/2 by 68-1/2".  When possible, I'll get it professionally quilted. I want wool batting so it'll be soft and drapey. This one's for me, to replace the sofa quilt I've been using for awhile.

Given the crown-like shapes made by the fan arcs, as well as the times we're living through right now, I'm naming this quilt Corona Medallion.

Awhile back someone asked if I was planning to write a pattern for this quilt, and at the time I was undecided. After working on it and having to revise the sizes of some pieces, I've decided not to pattern this one. Sorry!

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  1. This is gorgeous! I love the layout and the added border really sets it off. Writing patterns isn't easy and I get where you are coming from in not making it into a pattern! Can't wait to see how it ends up with the quilting!

  2. The border really does set off the quilt and gives the fans the breathing room they need to shine. Congratulations on the finish and I hope you find the right quilter to finish it for you as current events allow.

  3. Wow!! I just love this one!! and the extra border was a fantastic idea!!

  4. Stunning! I bet you are so happy the top is finished!

  5. Super, Jan! I didn't realize there were some blue-gray tones in there, and I love that. Will your long arm quilter take pieces mailed to them right now? Or are they waiting until this all blows over?

  6. Your quilt is very clever. I like it from afar and from close up. It's one of those designs that tricks your eyes. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.

  7. Congrats on the finished flimsy! Perfect name for a quilt that's being finished during this time in the world.