Saturday, January 2, 2021

Dec. 2020 Goals and Stash Update

Just a quick report this time - 

Stash Report: 

Good news on the stash front. My goal was to break even or reduce the stash. Mission accomplished! 

IN this month: 0
OUT this month: 1 yard (Binding for pixelated quilt: 5/8 yard.  Gift pot holders: 3/8 yard)

IN YTD: 101-3/4 yards
OUT YTD: 161-5/8 yards

YTD Net Change: 59-7/8 yards OUT


December recap
1. Finish the pixelated quilt. Done and gifted. He likes it. 

No other quilting goals in December due to preparations for moving.

January 2021: 
No quilting goals due to moving. 

To all my blog readers, Happy New Year! I'm going to pause the blog for a few weeks while I move into my new home, but I'll be back. Meanwhile, I'll still be reading your posts and commenting when I get a chance. 

Best wishes to all for a healthy new year! 


  1. Great job on stash busting! Happy New Year! Blessings for a safe and healty 2021.

  2. Good luck with the move. Hope neither weather nor Covid provide any obstacles.

  3. Have a safe trip and enjoy setting up your new home, new life, new friends.

  4. Happy New Year. Good luck with the move.

  5. Congrats on the well received gift quilt, Jan, and best of luck with the move!!