Thursday, September 30, 2021

September Stash Report and Goals Update

This was a busy month for fabric shopping and a productive month for sewing even though I was on vacation for a week. I went with some friends on a couple of shopping excursions to not-so-nearby shops, found what I needed to finish my Kool Kaleidoscope, and selected some adds for my stash. Then I visited my favorite shop in Pensacola and did some serious stash enhancement. Let's see how much damage I did to the stash report. The goal for the year is to break even. 

September Stash Report: 

IN this month: 20-1/2 yards (Mulqueens 2-1/4 yards.  35th Ave 1-3/4 yards.  Modern Fabrics 2 yards.  A & E Fabrics 14-1/2 yards)
OUT this month: 12-5/8 yards (LCT QOV Flimsy estimated 7 yards.  Kool Kaleidoscope, estimated 4 yards for front, 1-1/4 yards for back, 3/8 yards for binding.)

IN YTD: 88-5/8 yards
OUT YTD: 85-1/4 yards
YTD Net Change: 3-3/8 yards added to the stash

Okay, so I'm up for the year, but there's time for more finishes to get back to the break even point by the end of the year. 

My finishes have been very recent and I haven't posted about them yet, but here's a peek at my finished Kool Kaleidoscope.

Even though I was away for a week it's been a productive month. In addition to finishing my KK, I also finished the latest LCT flimsy. These finishes will get their own posts later. It was a pretty good month for goals, considering I was away for awhile. I also participated in some charity work with the PCQ groups, making Dresses for Girls and Zippy Strippy bags. I'll post about the Zippy Strippy bags later, too. 

Goals Update: 

September Goals Recap: 

1. Add borders to the Kool Kaleidoscope top and make backing. Done; KK is completely finished.

2. Continue making blocks for the Snake Quilt. Progress; 3 more double arc blocks made and several more arcs paper pieced.  

3. Start working on the color challenge project. Not touched. 

4. Start working on a new version of LCT QOV for a trunk show coming up in December. Yes, not only is it started, it's a finished flimsy.

5. Practice FMQ on another pillow panel. Done, spirals. 

6. Finish sewing the sleeve on How Many.  Progress; almost finished

October Goals:

1. Continue making blocks for the Snake Quilt. 

2. Start working on the color challenge project. 

3. Practice FMQ on the last pillow panel. 

4. Finish sewing the sleeve on How Many.  

5. Finish piecing the current donation quilt and quilt it on PCQ's long arm.

6. Find and start a new project for social sewing on Wednesdays, another donation quilt.

7. Optional: Make a backing for the latest LCT QOV, layer and baste and start spiral quilting. Optional, because I can show the flimsy at the December trunk show, and unquilted it takes up less storage space. But if I spiral quilt it, I may be teach a class and demo spiral quilting next year. 

I sew with the girls in PCQ's quilting room on Wednesdays (we go out to lunch, too) and sometimes also on Tuesdays. I'm currently working on something from a baggie of donated squares, and when it's done it'll be a donation quilt for Hospice. I'll get to practice using the long arm to quilt it. But it's almost pieced, so I'll need a new social sewing project. Something easy so I can talk and not have to focus carefully on my work. I'll find something I can make for donation. 

All this should keep me busy for October. Plus, the weather's cooling off so I'm sure we'll be getting out more, taking trips and doing more stuff outside, so I may have less time for sewing. 


  1. 88 yards! Good grief. That should hold you for a while!

  2. Oh, I just read the fine print. ONLY 20 yds this month ...

  3. The Kool Kaleidoscope certainly lives up to it's name. I'm guessing you were going for a southwestern look, but it also looks very African to me. You'll undoubtedly catch up in the fabric use department unless some other shopping excursions come along.

  4. Great progress each month, Jan! With your encouragement, I will finish Kool Kaleidoscope soon. You are always in my thoughts as I press onward to finish so many start ups. Fun times having you there when working charity projects!