Monday, October 11, 2021

Planning Another Project for Social Sewing

But first, a housekeeping note: 

Sometimes when people leave comments, the comments don't come into my email as they're supposed to. Therefore I don't see them until I go into Blogger to moderate and publish them. Because they don't come into my email, I am unable to reply to them. Likewise, I'm unable to reply to comments that come from No-Reply commenters. Please know that I enjoy all the comments you leave, even if I can't reply to you, and I appreciate your visits to my blog. Thanks for allowing me to share my quilting journey with you. 

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Now onto our regularly scheduled Design Wall programming.

Last week I was working on a simple patchwork of Asian squares, and at social sewing on Wednesday I got the borders added, backing pieced (Thanks, Hiromi!) and batting cut. It's all packaged up ready to be quilted, and I'm on the schedule to use the club's long arm in a couple weeks. I even have an experienced helper to coach me, for which I'm grateful. 

This week I'll need a new project to sew on at Wednesday social sewing. A few months ago Libby (Life on the Hill) sent me the cutest Sock Monkey fabric along with some other fabrics. Knowing I make donation quilts for kids, she thought I'd like it. I do! So, how to feature it and what to coordinate with it? 

I can feature it in a Plus quilt. I pulled coordinating reds, greys, and tans from my stash and threw in a couple of recycled plaid shirt pieces as well. The red text print also came from Libby and it complements the sock monkey print nicely. 

I cut the squares 5" and I have 11 columns by 14 rows, so the top should finish at about 50" by 63". That's a good size for a middle school age boy, and there's always a need. 

The most fun part of making a Plus quilt is choosing the fabrics and laying them out. After that it's just easy sewing. Once laid out, I can kit it up and take it to social sewing, where I can (hopefully!) sew it together easily. 

When I kit up a project like this, I carefully take each column off the wall in order from top to bottom and label the columns. This way everything will be in order when I sew it together. So now it's off the design wall and packed with the rest of my portable sewing stuff to carry to social sewing on Wednesday. 


  1. I love the look of plus quilts and yours will be spectacular! Sure to be loved when it arrives at it's forever home!

  2. Great use for the monkeys! I have a couple of "regulars" who don't show up in my e-mail, also. I have their contact info so I try to make a point of sending them a catch-up note periodically.

  3. Great organization! I'd also personally make sure I had a photo of the design wall on my phone. Sometimes a quick double check with a photo has saved me from a lot of unsewing.

  4. Kits are always a good way to go with so many parts. I always take a photo too, of my planned layout. Have fun.

  5. That's going to be SEW darling, Jan! Did you get it sewn yesterday?

  6. Very cute little boy quilt. It looks nice and is also easy to piece, a bonus! Good job.