Monday, October 25, 2021

Snake Quilt Update

 It's been awhile since I've shown any progress on my Snake quilt. I've been working on the blocks at social sewing on Wednesdays when I haven't been working on something else. I put the blocks back up on my design wall to see how far along I am. 

Slowly but surely the blocks are coming along; it looks like I'm about two thirds done. There's no deadline for this project, so I can work on it when I like, and move on to something else when I get tired of it. 

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  1. Too cute... nice progress for a back burner type of project.

  2. Love the colors and movement. Fun!

  3. LOVE your quilt! Never cared for the Snake block until I saw yours!!!! Yours is much curvier than any I have seen and I think that is what appeals to me. Not "snakey" at all!!!! And the colors......!!!!! Thank you for sharing this beauty!