Friday, August 26, 2022

A Successful Test

 That project I mentioned on Monday, a table topper to test my quilting plan for my Dresden Plate medallion quilt, turned out successfully. I used my friend's curved ruler and the ruler foot attachment for the BSR and carefully quilted curves in the blades.

With careful attention to holding the ruler and moving the quilt, the ruler work went surprisingly smoothly, as long as I took my time. I attribute the success to the small, manageable size of the project. The background quilting is a simple stipple so as to flatten it and not detract from the focal feature. I like the spirograph quilting enough to attempt it on my Dresden Plate medallion quilt, where it will truly be the focal point. 

This project has a third purpose as well, a teaching sample for the binding class I'm teaching next week. It's just the right size to demonstrate my glue-basting method. I will partially attach the binding, then demonstrate the rest in class. 

Three birds, one stone. Success! 

Link up: Alycia Quilts


  1. Looks amazing Jan!

  2. It looks wonderful - congrats for mastering a new skill (and for the three targets-one stone)

  3. Super successful! I love how the quilting softens the linear lines of the piecing and makes the Dresden shape super intriguing to study. I hope the binding class goes well. :)

  4. It turned out AMAZING!!! and of course - I love the colors!!!