Monday, August 8, 2022

Cube Challenge Progress

The triangle strips for my cube challenge project are all pieced and up on the design wall. This will be a queen-size quilt when finished, about 98 x 98 inches. It looks a little wide for its height now but the width will shrink in when all those vertical seams are sewn, and it will be symmetrical. 

The next step will be to cut strips of the background to piece at the top and bottom of the triangle strips. I waited to cut them because I wanted to verify the size to cut based on the actual sewn width of the triangle strips. 

After that, just vertical seams, but a lot of very precise matching of points with lots of pinning. And careful pressing with all those bulky seam allowances to manage. 

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A side note, I'll be taking a blogging break for a couple weeks due to some non-quilting activities going on. 


  1. Beautiful fabric choices to bring this 3-dimensional design to life. I hope all is well and you have some fun during the planned non-quilting life activities.

  2. You have really nailed the 3 D look. Love the colors.

  3. I will miss your posts! It was great seeing this on Saturday:)

  4. So fun to see you your latest Jan. It is going to be a beautiful challenge project!!!!! Always love your colors!!!!!!