Monday, August 22, 2022

A Trip and a Test

 Last week DH and I took a little break from the Phoenix heat and visited some friends who live near Durango CO. We've been friends with them since our college days, and every time we get together, no matter how long it's been, we just pick right up where we left off. 

It was so nice to visit a cooler area! We had the use of a condo near Purgatory ski area and it was very comfortable. We went hiking, easy hikes for us flat-landers who aren't acclimated to the elevation. We hiked to Spud Lake, beautiful scenery. There's a beaver lodge in the lake and we saw a beaver. 

We visited Silverton one day, not on the train, although we've done that in the past. Another day we went for a 4-wheel drive on the back roads behind Purgatory ski area. The rocky road winds around to where the lifts go up to. Incredible views! This is looking toward Potato Hill (aka Spud Mountain) from the top of one of the ski runs. 

It was really nice to take a break and visit our friends. But since this is primarily a quilting blog, let's catch up with what I've been doing in the studio since our vacation. 

I'm quilting the green Dresden Medallion quilt. A friend is encouraging me to try ruler work on my domestic machine. She loaned me a couple of rulers and her Bernina ruler foot, not stitch-regulated. Then I found a ruler foot attachment for my BSR, and I've been practicing with it. 

So far, though, I've been doing mostly walking foot and FMQ meandering on the medallion quilt. I did use the curved ruler on the orange peels. Not horrible, but I definitely need more practice. 

I may have a plan for quilting the center Dresden Plate but I need to test the idea and practice with the ruler. I can practice on any quilt sandwich, but to test the idea, I need an actual Dresden Plate to stitch on. 

So, I made a new test and practice sample. I hope eventually it will be a table topper, if it turns out okay. I plan to quilt the Dresden Plate portion like a spirograph, and stipple the background. This is also a teaching sample because I have a binding class coming up next week and I can demonstrate with this project. 

 Wish me luck with my test and my ruler work practice! 

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PS - That beaver we thought we saw at Spud lake? DH got out his monocular and we discovered it was just a large duck paddling near the beaver lodge at the far edge of the lake. What a disappointment!!!


  1. Now why did he have to go and do that, lol!

  2. Sounds like a lovely vacation, and I'm sorry that you didn't actually see the beaver. They are really interesting animals. I think testing your quilting plan out is a great idea, and how wonderful it might be able to do triple duty as a table topper, test piece, and binding class sample!

  3. Your trip looks amazing!!! The hikes look great... That is an area I would like to explore more!