Friday, September 2, 2022

The Green Dresden Plate Medallion Quilt

 The Dresden Plate Medallion project I was piecing at retreat in July is now a finished quilt. 

The center Dresden Plate is quilted in a spirograph pattern. A friend is teaching me ruler work on my domestic machine, and after a successful test on a table topper, the ruler work spirograph turned out well here. 

This quilt is much prettier in person than it is in photos, partially due to the lighting and partially due to how my camera turns all yellow-greens brownish. Photographing quilts is such a challenge here due to the intense sunlight. Everything is either full harsh sun, like the two photos above, or deep shade like the one below. 

This quilt's palette was actually inspired by the backing fabric. The backing fabric was a gift from Quilt Diva Julie when she visited St. Louis several years ago. I pulled greens and teals from my stash to harmonize with the backing. I used every inch; I actually planned the top to fit the backing. The binding is a green bias stripe that goes with both the front and the back. 

In real life this is a pretty quilt. I don't have a specific purpose for it or a recipient in mind, so I'll hold onto it for awhile. 

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  1. I remember that backing - you did a fabulous job of coordinating the top and the back to show BOTH off to their best advantage. Congratulations on the quilting, too. (Quiltdivajulie)

  2. I think the quilting compliments the design and adds such a wonderful texture. The harsh direct lighting can be tough to figure out, but it does do a wonderful job of showing off quilting texture!

  3. Congratulations on doing ruler work on your domestic machine. The spirograph is a wonderful design for the Dresden plate center motif.

  4. Wow - this quilt is stunning! I vote you keep it and hang it on a wall. I love it!