Friday, September 30, 2022

Another Black and White Top Finished

The Black and White Plus Brights top I've been working on at social sewing is finished. Once again, the fabrics were from the box donated by Quilt Diva Julie.  I had an EQ map of the layout but the real top looks so much better! I love how the bright colors sparkle and create strong diagonals. The concept was inspired by several things I saw on Pinterest, but I don't know whom to credit for the idea. 

The bright colors were mostly from several mini charm packs that were door prizes from STLMQG a few years ago, plus a few pieces from my scrap-loving friend. The four patches finish at 4".  

The (vertical) bricks used four different white ground prints and four black ground prints. I cut 12 of each print for 48 blocks. The bricks were cut 4-1/2" by 8-1/2" or 12-1/2".  24 of the short ones are two different white ground prints and 24 are two black ground prints. Likewise, 24 of the long bricks are two additional white ground prints and 24 are two more black prints. 

The blocks finished at 8" wide by 12" high. All the blocks were assembled with the four patch in the same location; the diagonal effect is from the orientation of the blocks when they're laid out. The top finished at 64" by 72". 

Did you notice the object in the lower right corner of the top photo? It was windy when I was trying to take photos yesterday. My husband was doing some garden work at the time and helped hold the fabric from flapping in the wind with the rake handle. 

I'll quilt this top when I get a chance, but now that the snowbirds are starting to come back it will be more difficult to book time on PCQ's long arm because so many more people want to use it. When the quilt is finished it'll be donated to the local family services agency. They occasionally have a need for a quilt for a teenage boy, and this quilt is both gender-neutral and six feet long so it could go to a boy if the need is there. 

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  1. This is a great quilt. I like seeing your quilts on your wall! It reminds me of my granddaughter and ex daughter in-law who live in Litchfield Park! *smile*
    Judy B.

  2. The rake handle is the perfect solution and I didn't notice it until you showed a larger photo. I love this quilt the more zoomed out I can get from it - the colors on the diagonal are so striking!

  3. what a fun quilt!!! I really like black and whites - and with the pops of color - it makes it so happy!! Rake and all haha