Friday, September 16, 2022

Another UFO Finish

Wow, two older UFOs recently finished... 

I posted about the first one last week, here. This one today is Winding Ways. Most of the blocks were hand pieced by my St. Louis CSQ Piecing Group friends back in 2018. 

I participated in PCQ's UFO support group, found the missing block - story here - and assembled the top earlier this year. Then someone in the group quilted it on PCQ's long arm. 

Finally it's a finished baby quilt, about 40" square. It's just the right size for tummy time, with enough contrast for baby to see. It will go to the local women's shelter. 

Traditional but modern. The print is a sweet rosebud floral with shades of aqua, pink, coral rose and pale yellow in it. The background is a pale aqua print - aqua has been a popular neutral for several years now. To modernize it for a young contemporary mom, some of the parts are colored aqua and coral to look like bubbles, some of them floating off the page.

It feels good to have this project done, especially since I thought one of the blocks was lost and I had no more of the fabrics to replace it. Whoo-hoo!

Link ups: Alycia Quilts, TGIFF


  1. Fabulous UFO finish. I love the pattern but prefer simple curves for piecing.

  2. It feels great finishing UFO’s, doesn’t it? I have no idea why they accumulate! I’ve just finished another top from First Sat blocks that will ne quilted when we return home from our trip to see my Dad. It’s a perfect quilt for one of my retiring employees.

  3. What delightful quilt. Fascinating design due to the secondary patterns.

  4. How very pretty!!! I like the photo with it in the distance - it makes it so eye catching and graphic!!!

  5. It looks great and I love the bubbles that you formed. I'm so glad you were able to find the missing block!

  6. A delightful quilt! Ilove the 'modern' play happening with those bubbles!