Friday, February 3, 2023

January Stash Report and Goals Update

January was a busy month, but I really don't have many blog-worthy photos to show for it. A lot of my time was spent cutting for charity quilts and kitting them up. 

One of the things I got done in January was a jelly roll race top, blog post and photos coming when I get the quilt finished. I never counted the jelly roll as yardage into my stash so I'm not counting it out. Also, I've used a combination of my own and PCQ's stash for a charity sew day teaching sample, so I'm only counting my own fabrics used. Even so, January was a great month for stash usage to kick off the year. Let's see how I did. 

January Stash Report: 

OUT this month and YTD: 12 yards (4 patch variation teaching sample top, my fabrics, 3-1/2 yards. Backing for jelly roll race, 3 yards. My fabrics donated to charity quilt kits, 5-1/2 yards)
IN this month and YTD: 0

YTD Net Change: 12 yards OUT

Four Patch Variation top, teaching sample for 
PCQ Charity Sew Day

Goals Update: 

January Recap: 

1. Continue quilting Candy Land. Progress

2. Continue piecing Four Patch Shuffle. Top is finished, although half of the blocks are turned in the wrong direction. It's fine as is so I'm not changing it. 

3. Publish tutorial for Four Patch Shuffle. Yes, with the blocks illustrated in the correct direction. Tutorial here.

4. Work on plans for prep days and sew days for PCQ charity projects, which includes making test tops and writing patterns. Yes, finalized the February pattern and teaching sample, and I cut some or all of the parts for at least 16 kits. 

 - Started a new project to work on at social sewing using the Accuquilt chisel die.
 - Pieced a jelly roll race top and a backing to go with it; quilted it on PCQ's long arm.
 - Bound and labeled Cube Challenge after it came back from the quilter. 

Four Patch Shuffle top

Kits for PCQ Charity Sew Day

The jelly roll race quilt and my Cube Challenge will get their own blog posts with photos soon. Meanwhile, here's a sneak peek of the quilting, by Alycia Carmin of QuiltyGirl:

February Goals: 

1. Bind jelly roll race quilt. 

2. Continue quilting Candy Land. 

3. Continue piecing Chisel project at social sewing.

4. Continue working on plans for prep days and sew days for PCQ charity projects.

5. Make a table topper for new sewing room cabinet.

6. If time permits, make a small Mariner's Compass wall hanging for a specific wall space in my sewing room. 

7. Quilt something on PCQ's long arm.

Much of my time in February will again be spent working on prep for PCQ charity patterns and sew days, which I enjoy doing. In addition to finishing the prep for the February sew day, I need to work on the pattern for the March project and help the committee get started on the March kits. February's a short month and I have some non-quilty things going on, so we'll see how much of this list of goals I can get through. 


  1. You had a really great start to the year, Jan. Alycia's quilting on your Cube Challenge quilt is a great teaser; I look forward to seeing more!

  2. You did well on your January goals. It's always nice to kick off the year on a good note. Good luck with February, you are going to be really busy!