Friday, February 10, 2023

Provence Prints JRR

The jelly roll race quilt I was working on last week is finished and ready to be donated. The jelly roll was an older collection in Provence-style prints. The front of the quilt is nothing special. As is always the case with JRR quilts, the prints just landed wherever.

JRR front

The back is actually much prettier than the front. It started as two colorways of the same print, also from the same designer but an earlier collection. 

With some careful piecing and alignment, the back came out prettier than the front. If I say so myself, I'm pleased with how well I was able to get the top centered on the backing when I long-armed it. 

Since I only had a yard of the white ground print, I had to piece it across the middle. Can you see where I seamed it? 

Neither can I, and I know where to look! I got lucky, the repeat was in just the right place, and with some careful glue-basting, I was able to perfectly match the print. The vertical piecing looks harmonious, too, although I lost the scalloped edges of the border prints where the yellow and the white came together. 

Since I like the back so much better than the front, I put the required PCQ label on the front in the least conspicuous corner, so now this is a pretty quilt with a pieced backing. 

It's a donation quilt for the local family services agency or hospice. I'm sure someone will like it. 


  1. A non-quilter, not knowing about the Jelly Roll Race technique, might assume it is the back, not the front of this quilt. I'd display the floral as the front myself.

  2. Wow, I spent several minutes looking for the seam; well done! I think the back (now the front) is lovely and I think putting the label on the JRR pieced side makes a lot of sense. Congratulations on using up the jelly roll and older prints to make this fun donation finish!

  3. The back did come out beautifully. Congrats on a fun finish.