Monday, February 27, 2023

Plan C

 Earlier this month I posted about the project I'm working on at social sewing, my Chisel project using pieces cut with the AccuQuilt chisel die.

Plan A didn't work when I discovered that some of my chisel pieces were cut face up and some face down so they didn't all spin in the same direction. I came up with Plan B which would use the chisel pieces in columns with alternating left-right placement. Here's the EQ drawing for Plan B: 

EQ Plan B

Not wonderful, but the best I could come up with in EQ. However, notice that all the placeholder fabrics in the EQ drawing are blenders or batiks, nothing with a bold print. 

This layout absolutely did not work in my fabrics because it was way too busy. I didn't even take a photo, it was so bad. My fabrics include several bold prints in both the lights and the darks. With such a random layout and busy collection of fabrics, it was awful to look at. 

So, on to plan C. Plan C is like my original Plan A which makes stars. All the fabrics are cut facing the same direction. 
EQ Original Plan A

This means I can only use half of the chisel pieces I cut and I'll need to cut more going in the same direction. I was shooting for a twin bed size quilt but that's not going to happen. What I've ended up with will be a large throw. 

After more cutting and piecing chisel units at social sewing last week, I put the blocks and units on my design wall at home to figure out the placement.

See what I mean about busy prints? At least with this layout the value contrast makes the stars stand out which helps give it some sense of order. 

The blocks for the center were mostly sewn, but because I had to cut more different fabrics I unsewed some of the blocks and assorted in the new fabrics. Then I laid out the units for the border blocks. It was easier to do on the design wall than to make blocks and then try to lay them out with the same fabric not too close to itself. The border blocks have a dark piece substituted for one of the light pieces so the beginnings of new stars don't fall off the edge of the quilt.

As one of my social-sewing-and-lunch-bunch buddies said, this project has certainly been a learning opportunity for me. Yes, it has! This iteration will finish at 72" square, a large throw that can go to the hospice we support. 

I'm left with a pile of chisel blocks and units that spin in the other direction, not enough for another large throw like this, but at least a medium throw. I'll kit them up with an EQ printout and either save them to finish later or donate the kit. I've had enough of this project!!!

No social sewing this week, there's a class in the room that day. Just as well, I'm having guests arriving Saturday and I need to clean, get groceries, and convert my sewing room to a guest room. Busy week!  


  1. Your Plan C really is looking good, in spite of it not being the direction you were originally going. Sometimes the fabric shows us a different option.

  2. Hate it when a plan doesn't come together, but I think you have arrived at the perfect solution.

  3. I think that the Plan C quilt looks very nice. I'm sorry this particular project has had so many iterations, but I think it's going to be lovely. Hopefully the parts left over will go to someone who will be really happy see them through to a finish - even if that ends up being you! :)

  4. Jan, Plan B reminds me of a braided rug or herringbone weave. You give me comfort, when you make mistakes I’ve also made. Nancy Kollmar

  5. I think your final layout looks great, even if it ended up smaller than originally intended!